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  1. Hate to say it but I'm still waiting on my key...
  2. Can you check your email for the original message that was sent out with keys, back in like Oct of 2014? Yeah that one gives me some unknown key error. Thanks for the response! Hopefully I can play tomorrow night.
  3. I tried all that already, unfortunately.
  4. Yeah, it's been quite a few days since I sent an email to support about getting my key. Has anyone else had to go that route, how long did it take you?
  5. The level 50 reward for Swamp Survival is a cowboy hat. Rank 19 requirement to wear, I think.
  6. I do horrible things to tubes with that Albert piercing sniper rifle. I like it so much I started using the turret version too and now enjoy watching volt droppers explode as soon as they spawn. Barrel launcher is hilarious but very hard to use, the barrels go all over the place. They do a TON of damage though. I really want 6 Sod Offs just to see how fast they'd kill Vlad.
  7. Made it to 53 on Swamp with a two man group, could probably have gone further if we hadn't lost 50% of our base to the first volt dropper... Haven't made a serious effort on Settlement yet.
  8. Mupod


    http://www.joystiq.com/2011/10/17/iron-brigade-dlc-official-involves-mars-and-bears/ How soon is 'soon', I wonder? Not soon enough.
  9. I'll buy Trench- I mean Iron Brigade again if they release it on PC.
  10. Ordinarily yes, but on a boss fight where he reveals his weak points far slower than you can actually reload your guns, gungnir is superior.
  11. Just need gold volcano and I'll have it. edit: there we go.
  12. The mk iii is from the final boss, at least that's where I got it. It's also interesting in that the details screen shows it as a 'purple' quality item but the small icon is grey like the mk ii. But yeah it's pretty awesome.
  13. I was getting some network issues early this morning, and got stuck in an infinite load screen (had to quit to dashboard). I got into one match and the lag was massive, but this was about 2 hours from the game's launch so the matchmaking probably just stuck me with people from the other side of the planet. Since then it's been running great, with minimal lag. At one point my game freaked out and completely changed up my trench design and character selection, but I didn't lose any parts. It looked like it had confused me with another player. Once again this was early in the morning, haven't had any bugs on the ship since then. Gameplay wise it's possible to place an ICP in a manner that it can't actually pick up any scrap. On Oasis I had one on a small incline to the right of the starting position and it was doing literally nothing. Suggestions : an option to save trench designs would be nice. As well as the ability to skip ALL cutscenes rather than just some of woodruff's opening dialogue.
  14. Has anyone found out what the max rank is? Also I cleared all the africa missions in one go with a bunch of random guys earlier. My heavy trench with its artillery worked wonders, although we had a close call on that level where sniper enemies first show up. We got overwhelmed on the final wave, but I managed to kill all the blue enemies before going down. So we ended up with one guy left, pinned down by snipers who were disregarding our base. He had to hide and repair himself with a crane before running out and picking me back up, then I was able to take down the remaining enemies with my artillery.
  15. I'm curious about how 'flak' weapons work - does a machinegun with flak++ just get bonus against air, or does it also get a diminished effect against ground? The item descriptions imply the latter, but they seem to still work fine against ground foes. Also feel free to mention any interesting modifiers you've come across. For example: MIRV - artillery shell drops other explosive shells behind it in a line as it flies through the air.
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