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  1. Question about the infamous Fry Glitch

    Problem Solved! Things were being glitchy and weird at first - people were noticing I was trying to lure but the game would freeze once I got the kids to the fry vendor and the guards wouldn't follow. Then I deleted the update. Now nobody recognized the lure, they all just went about their business like I wasn't a big, delicious, anthropomorphic box of french fries. Then I reinstalled the update and, for reasons unknown, everything is hunky dory. Thanks for your help.
  2. So, yes, I know that the Fry Bug has been discussed at length here but, according to Tim's post about it if you hadn't started playing it at the time of his post (Jan 27) then you shouldn't have a problem. I got the game during a sale on 03/30 and as of today 06/21, I'm totally having a problem. I can lure children to the fry stand but once I get them there I'm frozen and have to restart. If I try to lure the crows guarding the chest away with the lure function they recognize that I'm trying to lure, the screen goes to black as if a cutscene is going play, but then it goes back to the game and nothing happened. Since this all happened after the whole fry bug had been fixed am I still out of luck and have to restart from the beginning or is this, maybe, some kind of incredibly similar problem for which there is a fix. Pretty sure I'm out of luck, but I figured I'd check what's up and find out why this is still broken.