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  1. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    I have experienced all the bugs/glitches mentioned in earlier posts ,as well, save the getting stuck on the environment. I find it quite disappointing to see that double fine is willing to put out such a poor product.
  2. I would buy Trenched as disc based game

    @big swords You are a much more generous individual than most. I find Trenched to be perfectly priced for the amount of content. Although I would have much preferred they work out the online issues PRIOR to release. Now if they added a crap load more content, bigger coop, multiplayer, open world (!), and clan features I'd shove my money down Mr. Shaffer's pants myself.
  3. A1-5, B1-3 All things I want to see in this game, but first can you guys ask someone how to do net code? Thanks.
  4. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    Wow okay aside from Zerg seems this thread isnt being taken seriously, even though there are some SERIOUS problems with this game. This game is, frankly, unplayable online. It frequently gets 'stuck' when searching for players. Even freezing on occasion. When I do manage to get into a match its likely to be a giant lag fest. Game has also got 'stuck' on loading screen when I quit from the carrier and it takes you back to the title screen. I find it EXTREMELY tiresome to see Developers continually releasing games that are not finished. I get that netcode is difficult. But you are not the first ones to put a game on xbox live. SO FUCKING ASK SOMEBODY HOW ITS DONE. And yes I do have a 'moderate' NAT. NO, there isnt anything I can do about it (my isp uses heavy nat for "security", yes I know its stupid). I do however have all the required ports open on my router. I am using a Slim 360 w a 250 gig hdd. And YES this IS the only game I own that I'm having this problem with.