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  1. Iron Brigade set to release in Europe soon!!!

    The EU release date will probably be some time...but not like the "Trenched" release 3 cheers for Double Fine! It may have taken a farg-ton of legal mumbo jumbo and searching for patents and all but you made it =D
  2. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Oh Microsoft...you so stupid to have overlooked this. In any case, to those of you that have managed to get it...enjoy.
  3. Playing on a EU account

    nope. you bought it. if they have a problem with the way licensing works on their console they could have fixed it =P
  4. TRENCHED in Europe!

    like...none. because you bought it fairly and it's their problem if they wanted the game licensed only to one account.
  5. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    I'll still blame my ISP...they underestimate my geeky knowledge of internets & routers. But I'll admit that it does seem like it's a software problem. Halo for me is great with 4 online but once I go for 8 and more it all goes downhill. Now that you mention voice...yes, I don't have any issues with that. even when the game itself is frozen for 10s we can still talk and hear each other. But lets not get hasty and convict lol hoping for a patch soon DF!
  6. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    I have the right ports open, 35+/5 Mbps down/up, and a wired connection for my xbox....yet I still get lag in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach...you can't tell me that they did not test it properly enough but there are limits to the test that can't account for the world. So to ALL the people with issues about the lag...blame your ISP because they fail at providing a stable connection for you to play a game. It wouldn't hurt DF to fix this issue by decreasing something somewhere (i really don't know what) but it's been 2 weeks and I believe a patch is on its way sooner than later.
  7. European players gather here

    By now most people have gotten most or all the achievements so when you play with me I'll set a challenge =D like only engineers or only turrets, etc...ofc it'll have to be a doable mission for some ^^
  8. Euro gamers compensation?

    legal/name copyright issues with a boardgame called Trench which is based on ww1 and strategizing but the board pieces are abstract black n white cube things. Like chess except in a diamond shaped board. The firm copyrighted board and software games like 1-2 months before DF did. But by then it was too late and the damage was done. It's been delayed for a week + 4 days....and people havent shut up about complains lol
  9. TRENCHED in Europe!

    If you are sick of waiting...find someone with a credit card/pay pal account with money already on it, borrow 21,99 from them, set up a US xbox live account, buy the game. Its as simple as that people. imo this thread should be closed because we know the reason now and it could take anywhere from a week to months before legal & copyright issues get buried under a sea of money.
  10. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Though that could easily be made into Wenches
  11. TRENCHED in Europe!

    Menches perhaps? Sounds like German for Human/man or Mech and Trenches combined ^^
  12. TRENCHED in Europe!

    makes a TON of sense to me. And I think we can finally close this thread seeing as the reason has been found and legal stuff can take ages if they don't want to settle. I can understand why DF would not want to change the name.
  13. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    Here's a concern you probably haven't heard/seen yet. 1 scrap =/= 1 scrap I find it very annoying when I have x amount of scrap and I need one more to put down a turret, so I look around and see 1 more scrap on the ground but collecting it does not mean I get x+1 scrap. Is there a actual number of little tv things that add up to 1? Or is it just a problem that it does not count it?
  14. Glyph could you add how much the turrets cost for engineers/assault chassis? I think it's based on a percentage. The upgrade costs would be useful too as well as damage.
  15. TRENCHED in Europe!

    No it's probably because of legal reasons that they couldn't speak of it. Messages spread, people get angry, reputations are tarnished...but really Portugal dude?? REALLY!? Your game looks NOTHING like Trenched!! :@ Mechs, guns, explosions, turrets, electric creatures, men with no legs piloting huge mechanicy things....yes, yes. I can see the resemblence now.