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  1. Gamertags and Survival Progress

    I random all the time. Occasionally, you get a guy who, say, does nothing but line the left path with Dampening Generators on Settlement for the whole match (replacing them after every Burst Transmitter round) rather than upgrade anything or drop any other emplacement. Oh, and with no mic. But most of the time you get pretty cool people. I've just stopped playing any matches where there aren't at least 3 people (including myself) with a mic. Seriously, stop queuing if you don't have a mic.
  2. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    I think I've made my opinion on the emplacement-Jakobs programming clear, but at the very least the bugged behavior needs to be addressed. I've seen a base drop from nearly full health to under a third on a big Jakobs wave while the 20+ sniper emplacements in range of them didn't fire a single shot.
  3. I've switched from the Selker to the Honeychuch just so I can take an Albert. Heavy Laser is awesome, but I almost never run a trench with a 3-slot weapon spot.
  4. legs or "B" button

    epicfool, you just rocked my world with that idea.
  5. 100% unofficial loot list and locations.

    I thought I remembered hearing that the Press Hat is a press exclusive. Not 100% on that.
  6. 100% unofficial loot list and locations.

    I got the stacking and costume quest stuff (the parts I have) from loot boxes on endless mode levels.
  7. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    Sometimes it boots me back to the start screen. Sometimes it freezes. There was an error message one time as well, something about a game state error. But I know the difference between getting dropped because of connection and getting dropped because of some other problem.
  8. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    OANST, that hasn't been my experience. Getting matched up is challenging, but then sometimes games just drop in the middle of them (including one Settlement run on wave 50). I've also talked to quite a few people who've had this same problem. One guy I played with last night had never been past Settlement wave 20 because it always bugged on that level.
  9. Solo survival

    It's a weird emplacement. On the one hand, I can see situations where it could be very useful and I'd love to be able to drop a few on a map. On the other, I can't think of a single situation where I wouldn't rather have another Piercing sniper.
  10. Solo survival

    I tried it with Laser turrets before, but I wasn't impressed.
  11. Piercing Sniper is the wave 20 reward from Swamp. Laser Turret and Advanced Laser both drop in Cathedral, I believe.
  12. New Survival map loot

    http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5224/ Check the second or third page.
  13. Solo survival

    I basically took the setup DieRed said, except I took a Knockback Shotgun and ICP instead of the Repair Crane and Shred MG. On Swamp I got up to Wave 66 and that was with going basically afk after 50. I had about 2k scrap and hadn't fired a shot or upgraded a turret in 15 rounds or so. Just learn the good spots for your Dampeners and then ring the level with sniper turrets. Then build more sniper turrets. Piercing gets it done. Piercing Sniper is really OP on solo Swamp. Balanced at 4 players, though, so I'm not worried about it.
  14. Piercing Sniper on level ground does a fair job of cleaning up Jakobs. I'm eager to try the explosive barrel emplacement. Cluster Mortar emplacement has completely changed my opinion of mortar turrets. Oh, and I got that magnetic, burst, shock grenade launcher. It's pretty boss, though it seems a bit weak when you've got 4 players. Then again, everything seems a little weak. I haven't tried it solo yet but I'm sure it's a winner.
  15. Yeargh!

    Settlement. Wave 50. Game state error. What the hell, man?