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  1. Playing Solo with 2 Mr. Pancakes and quickload legs will let you get 16 seconds as well. Simply walk up until the animation starts, fire a volley over head once it is finished and deploy immediately afterwards. Then keep firing volleys overhead until the mission ends. This will get you 16s every time with any variance due to human error.
  2. Are you asking or telling? Because it DOES drops there. He was telling, and thanks for the info. All up-to-date again.
  3. And yet many others who have not finished everything only have a single Dazzle paintjob, myself included. I'd wager that you either got glitched and did not properly unlock the paintjob or you sold it by accident. As stated previously, I'm almost certain you get it from completing a challenge.
  4. Your suggestions are fine. They are entirely reliant upon Trenched being a different game though. There is a huge difference between suggesting something that can add to the existing game and suggesting something that requires other changes in order to be effective. Repairing turrets is simply not needed as Trenched exists currently. If Trenched changes then we can reevaluate things at that time. You wouldn't put the cart in front of the horse, right? So why suggest a balance change for a game that does not need to become any easier?
  5. Of course they did. You are aware that all professional testers are made up of whiney children and griefers. There is no way that such an immature tactic would ever get past DF's internal quality testing.[/sarcasm] On a serious note, if a player does exploit such a tactic, submit a negative player review and find another game. In the future they will not be matched up with you at all unless someone in the room invites them into the same game.
  6. You can repair your turrets, when you upgrade them. Once a turret is fully upgraded it is up to you to properly defend it. As for the range issue, as you can place your turret just about anywhere on the map that sounds like a strategic error if you did not factor in the range of the turret when deploying it. Trenched is already too easy. Repairing turrets and being able to target a Jacobs first or increase the range of a turret would only make it even easier. Seriously, the fixes you suggest only prove that you tactics are to blame, not the in-game mechanics.
  7. I'm 99% sure you get the Dazzle paintjob for completing one of the mission victory challenges; I simply need a confirmation of this.
  8. Give it some time. It's a holiday weekend in the US so it may take longer than normal to have a Double fine employee update the logs.
  9. Up-to-date again. Don't worry about the blatant plagiarism, certain sites lack any real credibility and must resort to borrowing true content. As this is a work in progress the borrowed content will simply be an inferior copy.
  10. Just drop the weapon stats. I included it since I reserved plenty of space but as you linked to my thread it is somewhat redundant. That should free up the characters needed to continue to update your drop information.
  11. The newest patch was supposed to fix this issue. Try clearing your cache and then redownloading the patch to see if that fixes this issue.
  12. I don't recall, sorry. I've played so many missions in the last week (most of them out of order after the first playthrough) that it's all a blur of explosions, giant weaponry, and tube scrap. Can you double check your information because there has never been a confirmation that the Massive Flak Turret exists. As of yet the highest confirmed version is the Advanced Flak Turret.
  13. At this point any solution will only cause too much work. Trenched was simply designed using an archaic loot system. There will never be an easy way to correct this mistake without changing the entire system. Sure, you can partially correct this by having rank affect weapon damage or scrap cost but that will never 'balance' the game and it will only confuse most players since the enemies scale awkwardly.
  14. Read the OP, there is already a complete list in another thread (the link is even provided). This thread was merely an alternate method to list the items that are available from each level. As challenge rewards are not available from the levels there is no reason to list such things as the Bling Paintjob or Raz's Sweater, at least in this thread.
  15. Wait why do you want a sixth one? Also this list is far from complete. The Scythe is a single slot weapon so at most you can equip 6 of them. I collect 6 of every single slot weapon and 2 of every 2-3 slot item.
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