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    I like Gaming on My XBox 360. I will get bored of CoD and Halo sometimes, SO I like for an arcade game to play. Lucky for me, I found Trenched
  1. As you all may know, Trenched has no other game modes. Getting medals dosen't really keep me happy. I find myself bored with Trenched Over and over. I have almost completely stopped playing it. Does anyone have any good ideas Trenched should also have? 8-/
  2. What do you mean by hard and a lot of work?
  3. As you all may know, Trenched is a smash hit. Although I think it has ALOT of hidden potential. For Example, Survival Mode and a Trench Bot. What is a Trench Bot? I'll tell you. A Trench Bot Is Slightly Smaller then The Speedy Biped Legs. It can go around and assist you and your teamates. You can simply click the Left Thumbstick and A Bunch of commands will come up! It can Collect Scrap, Upgrade Turrets, Assist you in Combat, Recon The Area, and much more. I'll throw everything down in a List: Pros: Can Assist You and your Teamates. Much better in Solo when you need a Helping hand. Can run around fast. Can Upgrade Your Turrets you can't get to because you're either in combat or simply lazy. Can collect scrap (Smaller Magnet) Can be a tad bit customizable. For Example: It can hold 2 tiny machine guns or shotguns (Machine Guns do %1 more damage then the Massive Turret does) Or 1 Tiny Grenade Launcher and 1 Light Emplacement it can throw down. It (MAYBE) could scout the area and show alerts of enemys coming (They can appear at the top of the screen) (But The game already sort of does that) MUST BE: A large amount of scrap (175 Scrap Without Engineering Chassis. 150 Scrap With Engineering Chassis. Could be Lower?) Must (Maybe) Buy the weapons for it. (Not Emplacements) Let me know what you guys think! ;-)
  4. Yes I must admit Support Emplacements and Shotgun Emplacments I like the most.
  5. Glyph. Thats. Simply. Brilliant. Were do you get your ideas from?
  6. I must admit some of these ideas are genius and some are a bit weird. Either way, it's a good balance.
  7. Both of you guys are right. Flamethrower should be placed as a Light Turret and gas should maybe be placed as Support. It can desort Enemys so they don't go at you or your base for a short amount of time.
  8. We ALL love atleast one Emplacement! Why not make more? Why not make a Long Range Artillery Emplacement? Or a Emplacment that does Chain Reactions? Let me know what you guys think!
  9. I do think DF (Double Fine) Would make Trench DLC! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!
  10. I do feel like this should have a Survival mode. I mean COME ON Double Fine! You have Stationary Turrets to help you, You can build a Custom MECH, and there's an epic 4 Player Co-op! Its Perfect Case Scenario!
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