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  1. Clan Support - Yay or Nay?

  2. Do you feel ripped off not having a New Game + mode?

    Not ripped off...Especially considering it's an XBLA game. But definitely wanting more. I suppose that's a credit to the devs/designers, though.
  3. A huge THANK YOU to Double Fine

    Cheers to that.
  4. One-Word Name-Game

  5. Clan Support - Yay or Nay?

    Bingo. +10 points.
  6. One-Word Name-Game

  7. One-Word Name-Game

    In one word, name something you'd like to see added to Trenched. Follow along...
  8. I stand corrected. Good to know.
  9. Clan Support - Yay or Nay?

    I agree with this. And this, unless the first quote was to become reality. Trenched x10? Wouldn't that be somethin'
  10. Confirming this. I've run Farnsworth probably 20+ times but always with my Karlsson Mk III and have never received the Mk IV (much to my dismay). Today, after reading this, I did five solo runs with another chassis and had two Mk IV's drop. Nice observation, thanks for the tip!
  11. Two more quick ones for the new guys: Did you know? 1.) In order to get the 'Razputin' achievement you must wear both the 'Raz Sweater' outfit and the 'PSI Goggles' headpiece? (I hear a lot of people asking about this one in-game) and 2.) In 'Farnsworth', if no one in your group moves past the first set of huts you can walk around freely and setup turrets without starting the match Hope that helps.
  12. Nice post, I vote for sticky and more updates!
  13. Clan Support - Yay or Nay?

    Archangel, my apologies for your loss and my biting reply. I have stared into the depths of Soal's afro and returned in a state of zen. Peace be to all. It wouldn't really. It would basically be more of the same, with much larger/more difficult challenges that would require teamwork to complete. That would reward you with loot for completing the challenges. And have its own separate leaderboard. And its own leveling system. With its own unique rewards. And cool unlocks like storage slots for different trench builds. And I'm talking cool rewards. Like, after you complete all of the clan challenges and cap your clan's level you get the uber-ability to unite four trenches into one mega-Voltron trench badass for a short period (one wave, maybe) with all four players controlling different aspects of it. You could only do this, of course, with other clan members since it's a clan reward. Use your imagination. Think big. It could be cool. More feedback!
  14. I'm a good Trenchie because... -I rock dual 'Fighting Wolverines' sniper cannons and dual 'Razor of the Gods' for most maps. The cannons do great damage and have Ricochet, which you really can't appreciate until you try it. The machine guns do less damage than the 'Scythes', but they have Flak AND Shred on them. I kill 90% of baddies with the sniper, but during reloads or aerial waves the machine guns are great back up. And Shred ensures I get some extra scrap, which is always great for turret building. -With my Karlson core I can only bring two emplacements. They are almost always Dampening Generators and Flak Cannons. As primarily a sniper build I find dampening generators indispensable. Place them at choke points and in front of spawn locations. As for the flak, I can kill most ground baddies with relative quickness. Aerials can get hairy at times, though (Especially if you're going for gold...Volcano, anyone?) Flak turrets are fantastic at managing aerial hordes. -I upgrade other trenchie's turrets. Not all of them and not all the time, but essential ones when the time calls for it. -I learned the maps. During a round where you or your team seems to have a solid handle on the waves, explore! Walk around, try to find paths and cliffs and overlooks and choke points you didn't know existed. Know the field of battle! After you do this a few times and become familiar with the maps, you'll find spots with great tactical advantages that you run to at the start of every battle. -I utilize the terrain. If I see a choke point and I know that eventually some Burst Transmitters are gonna' spawn from it, I'll place my dampening generator behind a wall where its range will still slow the mobs but it can't be blown up until they first slowly dredge their way through the generators slowing field and turn a corner to aim at it. Be creative. Try placing emplacements on rocks, boulders or other terrain. You might find some unforeseen advantages.