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  1. Here you go. Can't tell if Geoff is saying Broken Age is cool and that Tim will share something about it at VGX or Broken Age is cool but Tim also has something to announce at VGX. Either way I am excited
  2. A 3DS and Vita version would be awesome. Feel the game would look great in 3D and introduce some kids to the game and the Vita will be good for when the VitaTV launches. Hell get JustAddWater to do what they did with Strangers Wrath to Psychonauts, make a "HD" version that mostly consists of adding more polygons and cleaning up textures (Black Velvetopia and some clothes would benefit from higher res textures) the CEO of JAW says he can't improve upon perfection but I think they should give it a try
  3. Obviously its not out yet but Steam usually stores soon to be released games in their registry, Sonic Generations was found in the Steam registry and a few days latter SEGA announced it for PC. Also this wasn't edited, several people where able to confirm that it is indeed in the Steam registry.
  4. So looks like we will be seeing Iron Brigade on the PC.
  5. I am mostly just spit balling ideas here to be honest. I just want to see Psychonauts 2 in my life time lol
  6. That's actually a great idea. I would totally donate some money ! EDIT: But I guess they need a huuuuge budget to make a sequel. probably about $1m or so but thats still possible to achieve as long as1. They get enough video game sites to cover it 2. The donation prizes are good, so things like Psychonauts Concept art, name in the credits or stuff like that.
  7. Hmmmm maybe start a Kickstarter profile for Psychonauts 2 Also a HD version of the first on on XBLA and PSN would help a lot since Xbox users can no longer buy the Games on Demand version.
  8. Both of these modes would be a god send to this game.
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