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  1. Mullets A Go-Go!

    Hmmm I just saw this....I signed up for the DF Paintjob and got it like a year ago, so am I still on the list to get this or did I have to re-sign up? (FYI- I haven't checked my game in a few weeks so I might have it and I don't have my 360 near me....) Also this gonna have the Space Dome?
  2. no survival or dlc

    You NEED to beat the game.
  3. Exploding barrel generator strategies...

    Keep in mind that the more people you have the less strap everyone will get because it has to be split with that much more people...so at the very least there would be much less mines early in.
  4. Iron Brigade issues, concerns, or problems: Legacy Thread

    You need to have beaten the game, have you done that?
  5. How am I supposed to use the Carpet Bomber?

    Ah, yeah that would be pretty damn useful, would even go after Cathys because they normally spawn on the same wave as Bertha.
  6. Disc unreadable...?

    Hmmm...I formatted mine through the ex-box....sure initially on my computer, but I had the 360 partition it, and I think it by doing that will format it....I don't know enough, but it works for me?
  7. Disc unreadable...?

    WTF srsly? I'd say reformat the drive and re-download.....hmmm yeah?
  8. Disc unreadable...?

    Tell him to format a USB drive and drop the game and DLC on that, works for me also the solid-state drive should be faster I would think...though it is only over USB 2.0 - still like I said worked for me.
  9. 100% unofficial loot list and locations.

    Yay download, boo leg!
  10. I don't know where it drops.....but I made this list a while ago: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/4582 and I don't see it there, now the list it's 100% and it doesn't include the update post name change(so no DLC), but I feel pretty good about how complete it is, I'm sure it's a good 1% off.... since I don't see it here I'm thinking it's a Challenge exclusive item, (REGIMENT CHALLENGES - Broadcaster Kills - Level 3 Reward = Heavy Broadcaster)....anyhow if it is that, then I'm pretty sure as with the other Challenge exclusive items (looking at you Raz Sweater), it WILL drop from Survival Hospital. Here is a list of items including the DLC - and also has a full list of the Challenges http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5224/
  11. 100% unofficial loot list and locations.

    Nah, pretty sure Paintjobs ARE tied to their Survival(3 for each)....that's all I can think of that are really all that different....
  12. 100% unofficial loot list and locations.

    Yeah I think so too, I double checked with him online.... got me excited there for a lil.
  13. 100% unofficial loot list and locations.

    Yeah, I was thinking that, because the Space Cap is a common loot in the levels.....so yeah, I'm guessing someone during coding saw Space Cap and thought that's what the Space Dome was, not knowing there were two different ones.....and that's a lesson to not name any variables/constants with names that are too similar.
  14. What are your favorite crazy new guns from the Martian Bear DLC?

    There is no advanced laser, if you are looking for the Laser Turret then that's the name of it, if you are looking for the upgraded Laser weapon arm, then that is the Heavy Laser.
  15. no survival or dlc

    Actually you might have to have already beaten Hospital in the story mode before you can unlock it's survival, and that might be the problem here....