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  1. Monday Night Combat style or kinda like DOTA.Computer spawns enemies, players are the heroes, killing spawn gives scrap for emplacments like in MNC. Engi chassis can put down the heavy turrets, and with the back up of it's turrets it wouldn't be that hard to play on your own really. I guess going that route though would require one to play more defensive, but you could still place things like land mines and sniper turrets. And the big chassis would still be very slow so it wouldn't matter that much if it had all the fire power in the world. I guess I'm using the term "Deathmatch" differently than you. Pretty much ANY player-vs.-A.I. game mode would be fine in my eyes . . . I was talking more about Deathmatch in a PvP sense. A.I. won't camp . . . players will. I got the impression from several other commenters that they were looking for "Deathmatch" in the shoot-your-friends-head-to-head sense of the mode, and that I don't see functioning well. Humans-vs.-Humans I think just has some inherent liabilities in the Trenched design. Its IMO supremely balanced for what it does, but that balance is designed around an "attack/defend" dichotomy rather than a "everybody run around blazing away" system that I associate with a Deathmatch. In terms of a MNC style mode, that would be great (big fan of MNC). Of course, the pivotal difference is MNC dictates the turret build locations and Trenched does not. And again, this makes sense in a purely game-balancing sense -- if I could build 50 defensive turrets around my moneyball, you'll never get near it, and rather than the fast-moving back-and-forth of a MNC match you'll end up with one endless siege. Maybe I'm being overly negative . . . that's certainly possible. Also, since I'm not a game designer the criticism I have no idea what I'm talking about would certainly be valid. Wouldn't mind some form of Deathmatch. Really, anything added to Trenched is a good thing. I suspect it couldn't work very well, but if anybody can prove me wrong its DoubleFine.
  2. I understand the desire for PvP/Deathmatch modes, but I just don't understand how that would work. None of the existing maps provide a good battleground in that they are small enough that you can pretty much see/reach everywhere with little effort and there's no real cover. So at the very least DF would have to design and create new maps just for this, and building a successful Deathmatch map is harder than just dropping some blocks in an open fiend and saying "go for it". More worrisome is that the game design of Trenched doesn't lend itself to Deathmatch. If you attack, then you essentially sacrifice the benefit of emplacements, so now its "just" mech vs. mech, which eliminates half of the game. So of course you'd have to bring nothing but Karllson IV and The King or Gunganir or Mr. Pancakes . . . so now you've eliminated the benefits of customization as well. Who's gonna bring an easily damaged Engineering chassis to a Deathmatch? You want to go toe-to-toe with your scythes vs. my Pancakes? I doubt it. Of course, you can still use emplacements if you camp like a champ, so everybody will drop a repair and sniper emplacement, never stray more than 3 feet from them, and either just randomly spam artillery volleys or try to put sniper shots on target . . . both of which will be relitively ineffective if the target is standing next to a massive repair crane. Rather than sounding fun and exciting, this sound boring as hell to me. This isn't wanting to get Deathmatch into Trenched . . . this is wanting a Mech Deathmatch game and trying to shoehorn that into Trenched. Lets not ruin a great game by making it something it isn't, and probably can't become.
  3. -- A Randomization option. Currently, each map has a pre-set spawn pattern. 5 Tommys spawn from the Leftmost conduit, then 6 Reds from the from the Right Conduit simultaneously with 20 knobs from the center. After you play a map a few times, you know the exact trench loadout and emplacement positioning. I know where to be at any given moment, where to be facing, even when to shoot. As a result, the game loses its excitement. If there were an option to set the enemy spawns to random, it would be like each time you played would be like the first time. What's coming in this wave? Where are they coming from? Do I need flak turrets here or there? Maybe mines in front of the center conduit will be essential . . . maybe nothing will come from there. Best of all, allowing the waves to be randomized would add immense replay value without requiring any new assets. The exact same Monos, the exact same emplacements, the exact same trenches, but every game would be a unique situation. You could play the game over and over, without getting bored or complacent. -- Female pilots
  4. First off . . . great game! Scrap: As others have said, scrap can get hung up on scenery . . sometimes something as small as the corner of a building. Also, scrap often falls out of reach. Some Snipers launch their scrap within reach, but others drop their scrap off their perch where they can't be reached. Gameplay hangups: Trenches often get "stuck" in odd corners and it becomes impossible to move them. When playing solo, this means abandoning the mission and re-starting (and sitting thru the same cutscenes again). I haven't encountered lag (except with a friend with a very weak connection), but during hectic multiplayer firefights, large explosions can cause a freeze of a second or two.
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