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  1. To a veteran player, isn't extra scrap just as worthless as a loot box? If you are still playing this game after three weeks, you probably know what the best combinations of towers and the best locations are for those towers. This game is already way too easy, and extra scrap would just make it easier. There is no need to implement this change as it would hurt new players (as others have already pointed out) and veteran players wouldn't gain much benefit anyway.
  2. I know for a fact that I beat every challenge the game has to offer in 13 seconds and I beat the Volcano challenge before I even tried it. I'm the most "legit" (whatever that is supposed to mean in this context) Trenched player who has or ever will live on this planet. Also, while I'm not "jelly", I do prefer jelly on bread with peanut butter. This thread can now be closed. Thank you for participating!
  3. I thought it was because A. Obviously trying to increase his post count, because half of his suggestions are the same thing. B. His ideas are retarded.
  4. Very difficult to implement (they'd need to make something from scratch, which means brand new programing, new models, new animation, and more balancing), for very little payoff. What you are suggesting is basically a mobile turret.
  5. I didn't vote yay or nay yet because I think I'm missing something here. How would this affect gameplay at all? Isn't this just a mini friends list with more of the same challenges from before?
  6. In Volcano, me and my buddy both used Engineering trenches and used a ton of dampening generators. We surrounded the dampening generators with shotguns and placed lots of flak turrets on either side of the defense point. The dampening generators really are very useful if you are using the Engineering chassis. We did have to try it a couple of times, but we did manage to finally get the gold medal.
  7. If we are going to have bigger weapons in this game, we need bigger enemies with more resistances.
  8. A game mode doesn't have to be creative to be entertaining. It helps, but what really needs to happen in this game is a difficulty increase. Almost every time I play this game, I just start getting my "kill zone" set up with the right types of turrets, and then I see "Final Wave" pop up on the screen and I finish the mission with 99% health on my base and not a scratch on my trench. If I'm going to keep playing this game, I'm going to need something that challenges me. Democracy is saving you from yourself. As a previous poster suggested, I voted for a Survival mode because it is something that could be done in a DLC. You can't demand the world from a developer for a DLC pack for an XBL arcade game.
  9. Again, survival mode is what this game needs. A vs. mode would just need too much fine-tuning of the weapons and brand new maps to play it on. Monday Night Combat was built from the ground up with vs. in mind and it still has some serious balance issues a full year after release.
  10. Survival mode is a necessity. Hard mode for existing campaign levels would be nice. Increasing the enemy health while decreasing the cost to upgrade turrets would make upgrading turrets actually useful (other than mine layers, collectors, and dampening generators). I think adding in a very expensive custom paint job option would get rid of all of that pesky money people have saved, while adding more diversity in mech colors.
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