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  1. Patch Notes?

    not sure if its the patch or not but i'm having a lot less problems finding and staying in games
  2. I found that if your running a smaller chassis, ether engineering or standard, it is helpful to use shock weapons. they give you a lot more time to fire and reload letting you do more damage with your limited number of slots. and if it is at a choke point its even better since the enemy's that are shocked will stop the people behind them from advancing, giving the assaults time to get over to you and finish them off.
  3. DLC and Options Wish List Updated 7/14/2011

    wouldn't a female marine take away from the MANLINESS of the game? also, Rosie the Riveter is mentioned in the description of the weapon "Rosie" it is a shotgun with explosive rounds a survival/hard mode is a must. i think there needs to be more variety in the chassis, there are only 6 (i think) to pick from and the rest are just more armored versions. maybe there could be a medium chassis with 2 left slots and 1 right slot, and has one emplacement slot for each type. or an engineering with only 1 weapon slot, but 3 heavies and a support. also some more powerful versions of rares from earlier in the game would be cool. like a more powerful "jackhammer" shotgun, or stronger Experimental device. they had cool effects, but just aren't good enough to use in the later levels. I think some more variety in the trench parts could go a long way.