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  1. things which could be added

    slow laser turret -half of the damage of laser turret but slows enemys like other broadcasters ground only- artillery turret -just a explosive ground only turret with epic range- slow laser deathsplosion laser ridicule of the lasers changed to a sniper crosshair single slot laser which repairs friendlys and just a thought -advanced selker mk 5 -left weapon slot: 1 -right weapon slot: 2 -emplacement up: support -emplacement right,left,down: heavy what would you like to see? post below
  2. your game has died finaly!!!!!

    ok for the record i dont hate the game and its not a connection problem because i was not having trouble playing mw2, battlefield 2, and black ops about five minutes earlier also im just stating what i see it as if you dont like it to bad and finally im just mad that the game has had no new anything since it came out and with all the hype about new content and there still is nothing im just a pissed fan
  3. your game has died finaly!!!!!

    today oct 23, 2011 i was the only person in the America who was trying to join a game in trenched personally if your gona release an expansion you are gona have to send every one who owns trenched a message (within xbox) telling them that there is more content because most people have probably forgotten about it
  4. Iron Brigade PC spotted in the Steam registry

    interesting well that doesnt prove its out yet cause you can alter those with out much work
  5. need information

    when does americas xbox get the update?
  6. the possibibility of this game

    have you ever wondered why there are 8 trench bays on the ship when you can only have 4 people in a game i have and it seems like those are placements for 8 person multiplayer what do you say to this
  7. Elite PSI Uniform.

    you could also just play with out it and not start over
  8. I lost all my loot..............

    well then you should have some fun getting them all back ya know i would kill for that chance
  9. This game will die soon

    ya most likely
  10. This game will die soon

    for me trenched has lost all re-playability so come on is there anything new at all
  11. Whatever will we do with all this $$$

    hm need more cash
  12. what is the most powerful trench that u have ever made and if u could name it what would u name it mine is a Karlson mk4 with 6 Brenneke’s Revenge shotguns and hot pants if i could name it i would call it "Splatter Shot"
  13. NEW Trenched Content is apparently coming... sshh.

    i just want a cat launcher
  14. DLC and Options Wish List Updated 7/14/2011

    to many posts to read U.U
  15. When do you think the DLC will be released?

    well sorry for asking its just i cant find anything on the internet so i decided to ask