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  1. Release it. The documentary series is freaking fantastic, and being able to watch it as it got released was EASILY worth my money. It'll be fantastic to let it out into the public eye, especially if it's just onto the DF Youtube channel. If you release the episodes on a weekly or fortnightly basis then at least it gives non-backers a sense of having to wait anxiously for each episode.
  2. I'll admit that I just stomped the apple trees in the hopes for them to fall - oh well! What's currently in the game is super fun and I'm definitely going to be throwing down some cash it it ever makes its way to a full product. I'm finding that the saddle is flashing in and out of existence, but taking a screenshot seems to temporarily fix it. I did manage to get a decent action screenshot though!
  3. The previous suggestion of Twice Upon A Time has instantly resonated with me. I think it's by far one of the strongest suggestions yet.
  4. Holy shit buddy. I used to play this as a kid and constantly think back to try and remember what the name of the game was. Now I know. Thanks!
  5. The milkman level from Psychonauts is one of my all time favourite sections from any video game. Pure brilliance.
  6. Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse Adventure A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever. Detective Grimoire Investigate the crime scene, interrogate suspects, collect clues and solve puzzles, all to uncover the secret of the swamp! Homestuck Adventure Game An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.! Jack Houston and the Necronauts A classic point & click graphic adventure game set it a pulp sci-fi world of bubble helmets, rockets & rayguns! Terra Lumina From the creator of Symphony of Science comes an original folk/rock album about the most awe-inspiring scientific ideas.
  7. Out of the above suggestions, i'd probably go for the Iced Earth album. Great stuff.
  8. I'd probably go for the newest Amon Amarth album, With Oden on Our Side. That is, if you like this song link edit: loltags.
  9. Chuck Schuldiner of the legendary band Death. Died six years ago because he couldn't get the funds to perform a life-saving operation.
  10. 'lo there! Had a quick look to see if there was any other topic on the subject, but I might have missed it! Just had a thought today regarding references to underground bands. Obviously there are already refrences to bands like Iron Maiden, but I wonder if there will refrences to some of the more underground bands, or some of the mighty figures in metal whom have fallen. I could just imagine climbing the "Valfar" mountain, or running down "Quorthon" avenue in "Schuldiner" city. I think things like that would make me appreciatethe game that little bit more. I suppose i'll just have to wait to find out Either way though, the game is going to be fantastic for the following reasons: 1. It's a Tim Schafer game. 2. It's a Tim Schafer about metal. 3. It's a Tim Schafer about metal starring Jack Black and Dio.
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