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  1. Can't imagine this change happening. It would upset the game balance too much to give you a pile of scrap for every loot crate you destroy. Maybe if they make the game substantially harder with the DLC, it'd make more sense. - Scott
  2. I'd love to know how Trenched has sold for DF, because this seems like a game that could have legs for a long time, if they were to keep supporting it with DLC. The simple mechanics of tower defense and wave-based third person shooting are implemented well enough, that simply adding more loot, more maps, and maybe more game modes, could extend the lifetime of Trenched for years. It could be like the Team Fortress 2 of XBLA, another game with simple, addictive gameplay that has been extended indefinitely by adding more content (albeit for free). I would gladly shell out another $10-$15 every few months for more loot and maps to play. I suspect DF will probably only issue one DLC pack and move on, however. That has been the MO with the other DF DLC titles. - Scott
  3. I do hope they make some improvements to this game's netcode in the future. The only game bugs I've encountered are entirely a result of it. - Still getting lots of games with the crippling framerate stutter lag issue (about 60% of my games I'd say) - Still occasionally dealing with the game going derpy during matchmaking and putting me in games where other players' names show up, but their trenches never do, or my name disappears from the list, despite my still being connected. - Still occasionally launching into a map with a completely different trench from the one I set up. - Still occasionally getting disconnected from games, and then showing back up on the carrier with a completely different trench. - About 25% of my games have at least one player bog the game down in lag for a while, and then eventually get disconnected The game itself runs perfectly fine. It's all netcode issues. - Scott
  4. Yeah, I also prefer mines over mortars. Mines do massive damage, and are dirt cheap to upgrade to lvl 2 and 3, compared to the mortar turret. If mortars are good against Jacobs, they might be worth looking into, but I find it easier to just run up behind a group of shielded enemies in my quick Selker, and and take out the Jacobs before the rest of the group hits my mines. Mines are also very effective against Willies and Berthas. - Scott
  5. I'm really hoping they announce the DLC for Trenched in the next week or so, because I fear if it takes much longer, I may end up moving on from the game permanently. And that's a shame, because I love it - there's just nothing left to do. I've gotten every piece of loot a dozen times over, I've gotten every gold medal, I've got over $240k in money, and the only level that presents a mild challenge is Volcano, which you can only play so many times. I just want Double Fine to give me a reason to keep playing, because the core game is brilliant. Give us a challenge we can keep coming back to. - Scott
  6. Current favourite: Woodruff Mark IV + Tripod legs 4 x The Scythe (Machine Gun) Emplacements: Massive Machine Gun Advanced Flak Impeccable Collection Pod
  7. I will usually humour my teammates if they want to play Farnsworth once - but if we finish it and then someone selects it again, I quit. Too many people want to play that mission over and over, and I don't understand why. Farnsworth with dual Gungnir's or six Scythes is a breeze. You don't even have to move. - Scott
  8. I like this idea, and it would be really easy to put in, I imagine. Maybe make it so each Double Fine medal earns you a rare paint job, and the platinum medals earn you new DLC weapons. - Scott
  9. We don't need more stuff to make the game easier than it already is. I think it'd be a waste of resources to add more chassis' or legs in the DLC - what we need is greater incentive to use some of the options already in the game, that no one seems to use - everyone either uses the Karlsson, or the Selker. It's far more rare that you see someone using the McGarry, or the Honeychurch, or the Woodruff chassis. They should add some more high end weapons, maybe increase the level cap, and modify some of the existing weapons (such as the overpowered and overused Mr. Pancakes) to make them less universally popular. That, plus some new challenges - either in the form of turbo-charged versions of the existing maps, or new maps, and hopefully an infinite wave challenge, would leave me happy. This is a $15 game after all, and they aren't going to go nuts with the DLC for it. Don't even bother adding new turrets - just give us more incentive to use a wider range of the existing ones. You can own most maps with nothing more than the basic light turrets. Snipe and mortar turrets are fun, but not really necessary. In other words, force people into having a wider range of trench specialization beyond the binary choice of "big damage or cheap turrets?". I'm tired of joining games that consist of three other guys in Karlsson's with dual Mr. Pancakes. This game could have longer legs than any of the other DF XBL arcade titles released in the past year, if they support it well. I love Trenched - just give me a reason to keep playing it.. - Scott
  10. I think the system is fine the way it is. Allowing players to gift scrap to others would make the game too easy. - Scott
  11. Are the items that drop unique? Or are they just the same sorts of stuff you get playing the game normally? - Scott
  12. Got 200/200 Gamerscore a couple of days ago, after I realized how much faster it was to grind out the scrap for the Raz sweater if I played Volcano in single player mode, haha. I had been trying for days to do it by playing multiplayer. I assume I've gotten all of the loot in the game about 30 times over at this point, too. I don't even bother recovering loot crates any more. Now I'm just waiting for the DLC to be announced. I hope it adds some longevity to the game, because I really enjoy it. Some new loot, a couple of new maps, and an infinite-wave mode with ramping difficulty would be great. The core mechanics and turrets are fine as is. - Scott
  13. Why would you farm Farnsworth? What item are you trying to get? - Scott
  14. Chassis: I enjoy The Woodruff, Karlsson, and Selker chassis'. The Woodruff Mark IV in particular, is growing on me. Paint: The Bling paint job is the one I use the most, because it tends to be a bit more rare. The Double Fine paint job looks good, but everyone seems to have it. The black paint job is also nice. Legs: Hot Pants or the defensive tripod legs. Weapons: "The King" is my preferred big weapon - it can devastate a group of aerials if you aim it properly. Brenneke's Revenge, The Flipper, and The Scythe are my other favourites. Emplacements: Sniper turrets and shock mines are my favourites to use. I'm also a fan of flak turrets. Hat: I've got the full PSI getup, and I like it. Dress Uniform also looks good. Marine: Woodruff, because he's the manliest looking man. - Scott
  15. Tips: - Remember that Flak Turrets are SUPERIOR to Machine Gun turrets, for taking out aerial enemies. A lot of people go into levels like "Volcano" with only machine gun turrets equipped, and they suffer for it. A couple of lvl 2/3 flak turrets can absolutely tear through aerials, and volt droppers. If I'm going into a level with an assault trench, I always make sure flak turrets are my equipped light emplacement. - If you need to farm scrap for the Razputin achievement, play Volcano in single player. You can get over 2100 scrap in a single playthrough. Don't be a jerk in multiplayer games, and only run around dropping collection pods. It isn't worth it. - Always make sure you take care of volt droppers as soon as possible, if you're going for gold medals. Their bombing runs can devastate objectives. - Don't be a redundancy. There's nothing worse on maps than Volcano, than watching enemies ruin your chance at a gold medal because you guys didn't have all of the spawners covered. Make sure each group of tubes is being covered by someone, and THEN help your teammates. Don't double up coverage on spawners that can easily be covered by one person. As for my trench configurations, I typically use one of three. 1) Karlsson Mark IV, 1 x "The Flipper" broadcaster, 1 x "The King" artillery canon, "Hot Pants" legs. This is my go-to high damage trench. "The King" is a devastating weapon, if you've got decent aim with artillery canons - far better than "Mr. Pancakes". It can both deal huge damage, and it's Cluster+ modifier can slow enemies down for several seconds. The Flipper broadcaster is fantastic for slicing through aerial tubes, and dealing with enemies that get past "The King". When I use this trench, I will typically equip flak emplacements to place around the base, to make up for my lack of mounted machine guns. 2) Selker Mark IV, 2 x Brenneke's Revenge, Tripod legs This is my go-to engineer configuration. The dual Brenneke's are useful for helping out my turrets, and quickly finishing off Jacob's, so my turrets can do their job. As for heavy emplacements, I will typically equip shock mines, and sniper turrets. Sniper turrets are fantastic for reasons other have covered. Upgraded shock mines have great damage output, and are relatively cheap to build and upgrade. They can take out a group of unshielded enemies by themselves at lvl 3. 3) Woodruff Mark IV, 4 x "Scythe" machine guns, "Hot Pants" legs This is my current favoured configuration. Good, versatile damage output, plus a good amount of emplaceent flexibility. It's also very mobile. - Scott
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