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  1. Also, I think that in the store, items need to cost waaaay more, like 15,000 and such, because almost everyone has SOO much extra money in the game now and nothing to spend it on. There needs to be something to spend money on, that needs to be a big focus, because so far it's almost still completely useless. Also, for the store to be useful and for that to work the store needs to have unique items that people would actually want to save up for. They would be suuuper expensive to give people a goal, they wouldn't necessarily be the best, just unique, like - specialized weapons. With a purpose and stuff. Either that or weapons need to be muuuch rarer drops so people would actually have incentive to spend money in the store over getting the weapon as a drop. Personally, I'd prefer the first option of unique items as I believe that would be more fun and cause people to want to spend money in the store more and would give us a better reason to save up for things. But really a big thing is everything at the store should cost like 10x more than they did before. Everything. We can't have like $200 marine items in the DLC like before, because than everyone will just buy everything immediately. I really like the idea of the store which is why I'd like unique items for it. But everything needs to cost waaaaay more than before for the store to be practical.
  2. Perhaps with the harder modes, repair things will be necessary? My entire point is there is ZERO penalty for breaking down. If they added a penalty then maybe (MAYBE) Healing legs would not be a bad idea if they required scrap to use. _______________________________________________________________ Oh, I see what you mean now, yeah I guess you're right. When I play and someone even bothers to use a repair crane, instead of standing next to it forever, I just let myself go down and get revived as this instantly takes you to half health and takes much less time. I guess you're right, there is no penalty at all for going down... that's pretty odd to me. Perhaps if they implement the idea where you can augment your weapon by putting it in something and getting a random goody back, then that could be the penalty. If you go down then you lose all your bonuses, I'm sure that would be a big enough incentive to get people to use repair cranes and other repair items and to try hard not to die. And don't be deterred by these other people's opinions, what you're doing here is great. I actually appreciate it, as I'm sure others do, and I'm sure Double Fine does as well. Keep it up man! ^^
  3. Wouldn't this undermine the importance of the repair turret? Sorry, I don't see this adding anything to the game other than making one of the few emplacement types pointless. i agree with Glyph and want to point out that the repair emplacement is pointless as it is. there is 0 penalty for breaking down, you just have to wait for a teammate to fix you or in single player you just have to mash a button. Repair in this game is useless. Perhaps with the harder modes, repair things will be necessary?
  4. i added yours the scale i admit i glanced over and thought it was meant for scaling per person in the game more so then it scales now. Now that i read it i feel that earlier levels should be easier and alot of people are still having issues with Volcano. Vs i keep over looking in everyone post. i shall update after this reply. Unique guns are hard, alot of people are saying spending you money on upgrading guns. This way would solve the money issue and the slight differences in guns. i thought the Combining Mechs would be a cool idea but not very practical. Combining Monos is another cool idea but they might aswell just come out with a super Mono instead of the combining ones. less work to make one then 2 on their part. The player controlled Mono is a good idea but someone already posted an altered Story line that you play as Mono Trenches, so i did not add yours. I overlooked the challenge mode and shall add it. The main reason I say the scaled difficulty is because I fear after the everyone gets the new best, awesome, super guns from the DLC, even hard mode will be too easy, like how it is now. I want there to always be a challenge and that's why I say scale the difficulty to the weapons you have. Also, IDK if you added this to your update list or not, but I think the idea someone said about random spawning for the enemies would be good, so every game could be different. I also still believe firmly in the multiplayer (versus) idea, it'd be like League of Legends and awesome! edit: noticed that this WAS in your first post, sorry. As well as the Endless Boss mode, pure bosses. That would be a fun twist. And please - useful, unique, something to make them good: Broadcasters. edit: I notice a lot of people wanting legs with specific abilities, I just want any legs that are useful, I don't care what they do, because to me most of the legs just aren't that practical or useful really. And I'm guessing along with the DLC, there'll be an update. So I'm asking if there is going to be one. Please update sprinting legs, they would be the only useful ones if the sprint was so clunky and akward, it's awful, lol. And also an update that allows us to see who is actually talking would be appreciated and surprisingly, very helpful.
  5. So... you dont think any of my ideas were good? ._.
  6. Idk if these were one of the main two but: My friend's regiment and personal challenges never updated or moved while we played. Then I quit and rehosted and his reigment updated, but his personal never did, after that however, the kills began counting toward his personal challenges. It fixed itself, but until he had already lost lots of his kills toward his personal challenges.
  7. Sorry, I don't know if these have already been mentioned or not, but: How a about a Scaled difficulty setting where the enemies are scaled to your equipment so it will always be a certain level of difficulty, this way when you collect all the amazing new items and hard mode even becomes easy you could try this so even the first levels would be difficult again. And in the harder mode please don't just make them have more health and that's all. Make more of them come from different sides and a variety of them. Also, more enemy types would be awesome! And I know you guys are going to include a survival mode with probably boss enemies after every so many waves. But I think you should also include a Boss survival mode, where all you fight is bosses. That would be fun as well. Also, me and my friend wished there was a versus mode (not just points.) Where you go against other trenches and fight, and possibly send out monovisions toward each other and would be able to buy emplacements to kill them (idk if the emplacements would be able to attack enemy trenches or not though). This would be very cool I think. Also, maybe you would have to spend money to send out monovisions? Or they just keep coming in waves toward enemies. This would feel kind of like League of Legends from the description of it (which isn't a bad thing!) And I don't know how you would fix this, but I'm just throwing this out here: Me and my friend, when we were playing last night, we got pretty disappointed how near the end, everyone just had all the same few guns. We were wishing it was like an MMO in that: some weapons were like super rare and not everybody ended up getting them so some people would have weapons others don't and those others would have different weapons as well. Then everybody could be different and have specialized trenches, it'd be really cool so not everybody had the same everything at the end. That's a boring end and a disappointing one too. Make us have uniquity to our weapons, somehow. Also, maybe you could customize your weapons? Put little augment slots onto them to increase accuracy, or range, or give them different types of bullets (shock, slug, etc.) That'd lead to some cool creativity. Or howabout trenches that COMBINE! O: Like transformers. You would have the right half chassis and your friend would have the left half one and you could combine for like double damage or faster fire rate or something crazy. That'd be cool. And if not that, howabout monovisions that combine!? They just immediately run towards each other and if they get there then they become a super awesome monovision that is verrrry hard to kill. ALso a mode similar to L4D's versus. Let one team play as the monovisions and send them out, that would be awesome. And possibly a challenge mode with different challenges like one where you have to kill like 4 Bertha's being protected by like 10 jakes. It would be a looong straitaway before they got to the base of course, but that'd be something fun too. And ridiculous weapons that people would use just for fun: teddy bear shooter doing like 10 damage
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