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  1. Stop being so entitled.
  2. I already own two copies of Psychonauts so unless it's cheap I'm not going to buy it again. I was thinking that lowering the price for a sale would give the game attention and it would sell rather well.
  3. Use a Steam sale for Psychonauts to fund PC versions of Stacking and Costume Quest. I'm sure the PC port can't be too expensive and games like these tend to sell better on the PC than they do on consoles. Also, I love your games
  4. I'll probably buy it for the PS3 over my 360, still wish it was on the PC.....
  5. This Plus developing for consoles is way easier than developing for the PC, the consumer tech support problems surrounding a PC version are 1000x times worse than a console version. Console piracy is only at fraction of the level that it is practiced at on the PC there's no side stepping or arguing around that one. Also just because a studio released one game on a PC doesn't mean it has to continue that or owes anyone a release because of "history". Tim has worked on nine games that are known to me, only 2 of them are not on the pc. And no, developing on consoles is not easier, also developing on consoles is far more expensive because of licensing fees. Piracy will forever be a problem on any system where it's possible to do so (look at the psp and the ds). Look at the world of goo developer, they released their game on both the Wii and the PC. The game suffered alot of piracy on the pc (I personally blame the high price tag) but the developer has stated that the large majority of sales were actually... on the pc. I feel if you price the game right, the pc platform has a far larger market for these indie titles.
  6. AMAZING news, simply amazing. I do hope it will be a pc title this time.
  7. I am a longtime Tim Schafer fan and I was curious why Brutal Legend and Costume Quest aren't coming out for the pc? I would be very upset if I didn't own a console, I know my friends are.
  8. All of them including Brutal Legend, I really really REALLY wish Costume Quest was on the PC. And Grim Fandango would easily be in my top five.. no top 3 off all time.
  9. Is there any news on a possible pc version?
  10. No THQ does not have a forum. I would think THQ would be open to the idea of a pc version since they publish a large number of pc games, including the before mentioned S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  11. I would also like to point out that isn't it ironic how the topic with the most replys is the one about the pc.
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