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  1. Honestly, I didn't spend a ton of time analyzing. I just responded to the question of what we would like to see. First and foremost, I want more. That's it. I am frustrated because this type of game is right up my alley, yet every time I play, I feel like I'm just getting started and it's already over.
  2. Nice! What shotguns were you using?
  3. Yeah I smashed all the enemies. The first level is only ground enemies so it's doable. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you will die from Blitzers. I didn't consider that when I did the mission originally, so I didn't bring a repair turret. Well, Congratulations then! That had to be fun.
  4. Granted, Prejudice has it's issues with lockups. Every 15-20 mins is overstating it quite a bit. Not to mention this game has been known to do the same. For me 4 player is just about unplayable on a regular basis. At least with Prejudice all is well until the inevitable crash. Plus a Campaign, Bots, and yes, they did have an unlockable mode. Assault. Oh, and there is also their version of Horde mode. And 32 player MP. And I can set turrets wherever I want, limited only by my cash! Starting to sound like a winner, isn't it? Did I mention it cost not a cent more than Trenched?
  5. How would that be possible? Smashing all enemies? What about air? BTW Done with all 200/200.
  6. Agreed, Reach is a joke. However, I believe that both MNC and Prejudice offer alot more replay for the same price. How hard would it have been to release endless waves? You would be using all of the same mechanics already in place, just let me play longer. Don't you get frustrated with having to sit through cut-scenes over and over while trying to play a level again? I would at least like a retry option so I don't have to quit out to menu, reselect mission, and reload again, just to watch another cut-scene. It's all about pacing, and this game fails there.
  7. It seems they didn't really come up with a good way to implement Jacobs, so they just threw them in there. They are far from impossible, but a major balancing issue compared to all other tubes. What if tubes took reduced damage instead of zero damage? Or if the shields wore down with time and damage? Or at least limit the amount of tubes that could be shielded by one Jacobs. One Jacobs making dozens of tubes invincible seems a little ridiculous. Especially when your turrets won't target them. Suffice to say from the amount of discussion on Jacobs in general, there are some balancing issues here. When you rely on just one tube for your "difficulty" you need to rethink it.
  8. You can repair your turrets, when you upgrade them. Once a turret is fully upgraded it is up to you to properly defend it. As for the range issue, as you can place your turret just about anywhere on the map that sounds like a strategic error if you did not factor in the range of the turret when deploying it. Trenched is already too easy. Repairing turrets and being able to target a Jacobs first or increase the range of a turret would only make it even easier. Seriously, the fixes you suggest only prove that you tactics are to blame, not the in-game mechanics. "Trenched is already too easy" You said it yourself. I think that reflects on the in-game mechanics. Not my tactics. Funny how an idiot like myself got 200/200 in about 3 days. The fault lies with lack of a real challenge, not me wanting some pretty standard options in a TD game. If I could increase the range of my turrets, I would have to factor that in at the time of placement as well. What's your point? Did I say the game was too hard? Don't think so. This was supposed to be ideas on what you would like to see in the DLC. Nobody said "fixes" More like a wish list, which always starts with More Challenges. Read the forums, I am far from alone on this. Since we all agree that the game is too easy, it is pointless to say that any suggestions would make it easier. Obviously we all want more challenge, at this point that should just be assumed. I guess according to your theory, the only post that should be here is "get rid of all upgraded turrets" Sorry that I like to play support classes, and think it would be fun to be able to run around and repair turrets. My bad. I'll be sure to check with you before offering up my suggestions in the future.
  9. Couldn't agree more. I would also like my magnet to be automatic. If people end up having to buy a new controller because their RB wears out, that $15 game just became $75. Not such a great deal. Besides the finger ache you get after a couple hours of play. Honestly it's just annoying to have to hold RB all the time. Also I think we need way more enemies in each wave. Not just more waves.
  10. I just think it's sad that a mere few days after release, the community is coming up with their own challenges to further gameplay. You can go through any game and say "I want to beat this without losing any health etc." If COD etc. left out MP and just said "Try beating the game with just a pistol", would that be replay value? Huge oversight not to include better challenges. If they even had more levels that were remotely challenging that would help. As it is I feel that volcano is about the only challenge in the game. If they release FREE DLC that includes this, then great. I'm in. If they charge for it, they are just milking the cash cow. No better than the $60 games Jay called out. (Which I agree with BTW)
  11. I agree. It's kind of annoying that my inventory screen always shows "NEW", when in fact I have every weapon in the game 100 times over. The ability to save a few loadouts seems obvious when you have this many options for your Mech. Just to beat a dead horse. I too, would like a survival mode. Making rank and money mean something besides "now I can wear that hat!" Also, where are the Orange items. Truly rare ones. As has been mentioned before. Everybody has the same weapons. Why call an item rare and then give me a hundred of them? Less loot boxes with more meaningful loot? As far as character options (which I personally don't care about) how about letting people use their XBOX avatars? I would also like to be able to choose my turrets more freely without the restrictions. How come I can choose any weapon that will fit but am limited chassis to chassis on the turrets? Maybe they could have slots and bigger/better turrets would take up 2 slots, while weaker/standard turrets would take up one? Something like that.
  12. I think a turret that repairs other turrets, or as mentioned before, let the engineer repair. Either way, you need to be able to repair your turrets. Also as a balancing issue and for more strat, a turret that will target the ones that provide shields would be great. I think if you could repair your turrets and you had the endless wave option, this game would have a ton more replayability. One more that has been mentioned is a range increasing turret. Can't think of a single TD game where you can't increase the range of your turrets.
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