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  1. Two points. 1. You can if you got a license for it. 2. What if you somehow connected a treadmill to a machine that hires workers, brings luck, produces food, does your homework, feeds you cat and such. It's a win/win situation. Anyway so basically you need to work a lot. Sure I suspected that (-.-) Or at least get your name out there. And that's the tricky part. Hiring a plane with your name written on a flag just won't cut it anymore. It's a sad time we live in I tell you...a sad time. Or one could just move to the big apple, get connections, become really famous, do a lot of creative things and die at the age of 9. I mean stranger things have happend. Mel Gibson reading womens minds and such. *rolls the dice and hopes for a 6 before I hit the age of 70*
  2. Well they must have started somewhere though. I mean the guys behind it all. David Jaffe, Tim , Shiggy. Not all the guys can't be tech masters. Just look at Neo from the Matrix. He just walked in and kicked some ass. Was neo just lucky or did he have an education that I don't know of? If it's all about the grades I'm seriously toast. However yeah, I've seen some companys actually having a dialogue with the audience which should eliminate any copyright problems and such. Take the expansions for WoW for example. They added lots of things suggested by players on their forums. What I need to do now is cook som macaronies.
  3. Title: I think it would fun to use something like Whensday,Whens-day or whatnot. A mix between Wednesday and something else. Main Character: Jimmy Nash. Kinda like the name. An 8th grader (?) with a distinctive personality. Wears a baseball cap turned backwards. A B-horror movie T-shirt. One biker glove. Plot: To keep it short. You follow Nash around in school, meets his family, friends and foes in the beginning of the opening cinema. His main foe is a boy called Vincent Naim ( pun on Insert Name ). You end up seeing Nash and 2 of his friends being chased by Vincent and some friends on bike. A struggle occurs and the two falls down a cliff. The next scene black. You can hear a distant voice from a doctor saying that the boy will make it but is out of reach. The voices becomes more distant and the last thing you hear is your mother crying. (the doctors rolls Nash out from the hospital room to a different one. In that room lays another boy. ( Vincent ) the boys are both in coma and placed next to eachother. In the rest of the game you follow Nash in his alternative dream world with a masked friend which he meets on his way back to reality. Of course you would need some kind of arch nemesis whose face you can't see. Some really evil fella. Hmm Baron Dement W├╝rtenbaum. Now the most logical thing would be to make Vincent this guy, which one would think the whole time, but it's actually revealed in the end that your masked buddy which you now know well is him. Vincent doesn't carry over the dispise for Jimmy into the dream world ( both dreams are connected ) and he becomes a great friend without knowing who he really is. Ends with him stop picking on Jimmy in real life. Anyhow...YEAH it goes on ...these are some examples on what could happen. 1: You see Jimmy in school, daydreaming. The teacher wakes him up with a question to which he replies -What? Along with everyone in class saying the same thing in the exact same way. -That's strange, he thinks...*everyone else repeats* he turns around and discovers that everyone looks exactly like him. But no one else seem to notice or care. 2: Jimmy "wakes up" in his dream world only to discover that he is alone in the hospital and in fact the entire town. A wanders around and eventually comes to a thick fog which barely conseils an Amusement Park. Yep that's it! Feel free to write Support Character: for example and add your own ideas. Or Dog: Bark Bark.
  4. Yeah it's a great idea for a title. Except that I don't think it would sell that well on a PC platform if you call it a Trojan Horse. We could do this though. Come up with your own characters, ideas, events and see where it ends. Anyhow here is what I got so far. .....
  5. I was just wondering if anyone at all from Double Fine takes some time...from time to time to read fan suggestions or anything I like. The reason I'm asking is I got this cool idea about some people building a wodden horse which they use to conquer different towns around the globe and ultimatly the universe. No but seriously....as serious as you can possibly be. Do they have any connections to us "humans" at all?
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