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  1. Hersheypark (an amusement park in Pennsylvania) is introducing a new ride in Summer 2015 called Laff Trakk. It appears to bear a striking resemblance to the Black Velvetopia level in Psychonauts. I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out in person. gfFQhQIikOk
  2. Schweet! Looks like I'll be getting a PS4 a lot earlier than planned (unless "exclusive" really meant "console exclusive"?).
  3. Aquaria ( http://www.bit-blot.com/aquaria/ ) is a game developed by only two men: Alec Holowka and Derek Yu. In the credits, one of these two cool guys (Derek, if I recall correctly) lists Tim Schafer in his "Thanks" section! I just thought this was cool and thought you guys and gals would like to know. P.S. - It's a very good game and the artwork is beautiful! I really suggest you guys buy it and help support these indie game developers.
  4. I was thinking about doing this, until I remembered that the last time my scanner worked was like 4 years ago Also, I hadn't even considered the legality, but that might be a problem.
  5. I just got a deck of these from eBay for $1.95 (USD)! I've been looking on eBay for them for about 6 months now. I found an auction a couple of months ago, but the deck sold for over $25. The auction I won didn't say that the cards were sealed (even though they were), which is probably why I got them for such a good price. If these cards ever came to the Double Fine Shop, I would gladly pay for another deck -- they are just so cool! I wish everybody still searching for these good luck on their quest.
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