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  1. Did you ever get a chance to talk to your people? As for the Bonus Special Items to give away... any word there? Thanks -Defective Human
  2. Um... Honeychurch? 2 weapon slots (right side), 2 support, 1 light, 1 heavy. That seems like all the emplacement types on one trench to me... ;-) Besides, what I REALLY want is 2 Heavy Emplacements and 1 Support. A light would be icing on the cake but I REALLY want 2 heavy and at least one support. Like a Selker but support instead of light. -Defective Human
  3. Right... which is why we didn't get any new achievements to go along with the Survival mode for Hospital. It was only given to us BECAUSE they were forced to update the title to get the name change and they threw us hardcore fans a bone. In the DLC, it's just 4 new missions and 1 boss mission and 2 new survival mode maps. Depending on how many achievement points they get allocated (50 or 100) it wouldn't surprise me at all to get achievements for "make it to wave 10" "make it to wave 25" "make it to wave 50" "make it to wave 100" as 5 or 10 point achievements each... What I'm saying is don't give up on getting a bragging point achievement for making it to 100, it wouldn't surprise me overmuch if it comes with the Martian Bear... -Defective Human
  4. AFAIK, and I am NOT an expert here (nor do I play one on TV, but I do have some previous experience with console game development) the only way you can add new achievements is with a PAY FOR DLC expansion. Look at games that have over 1000 (or 200 for an XBLA game) points worth of achievements. In all of those games the extra points came from a pay for DLC. The only one exception I can think of is the first Left 4 Dead which had a free DLC come out that added achievements. Either way, it's DLC that adds the extra achievements and not a patch / name change. What we were given when they changed the name was a "freebie" to whet our appetites for the DLC. You may get your "make it to 100" achievement with the DLC, until then though, the extra booty that they gave from 5 to 50 is all you should expect. I'm sure Jurney or MrMooEar can clarify the issue more if they see fit when they return from their hiatus. -Defective Human
  5. The Hamer (IMO) is a decent single player trench but it's jack of all trades, master of none approach doesn't seem to work well as part of a group... at least in my experience. The 100% (vs 80% for an Engineer) Heavy emplacement cost makes it not a good enough planter, the 3 weapon slots ONLY makes it not a good enough one-on-one machine. If I had to pick, I'd rather have 1 Selker + 1 Karlsson than 2 Hamer's. And by extension I would rather have 2 Selker's and 1 Karlsson vs. 3 Hamer's... Woodruff seems more balanced as a Standard chassis, you can put a Hyper or Cluster Thruster on each side with a Woodruff which makes it have more of a place in a group than a Hamer. In solo play, I like the Hamer and have used it for certain maps. That's when being a jack of all trades works, but in a group, I'd rather have the specialists specialize. Really, this is all a VERY roundabout way for me to make a plea to get an an Engineer with 2 heavy emplacements and a support. Ideally there would be a light emplacement there too, but if so, that might make the Selker all but useless. Now if the new chassis only had 1 gun slot, or less armor, or less speed then that makes it different enough from a Selker that it isn't a no brainer anymore. -Defective Human
  6. In your defense... I have a problem with vomiting out a LOT of words and so I wouldn't blame anyone if they just TL;DR'd my post / skimmed it. What can I say... I'm defective... :lol: -Defective Human
  7. For those of us who still can't make it to 100 (let alone 60+) maybe we need it easier. :lol: That said, a "hard" mode with 20% more health for the enemies would be something I would welcome too. -Defective Human
  8. Post / comment removed (looks like I can't delete the post outright?) wimsbacher fixed his quoting in the previous comment making this response un-needed. Nothing to see here... move along, move along... -Defective Human
  9. Fair enough. I'm not entirely certain how you got dragged into the thread in the first place, but try not to take as much offense when I don't THINK any was intended. Regardless of if you glitched or not, there is a way of "trapping" a Big Willie and that is what this thread was about. I've PERSONALLY never made it past 53 / 54 so whatever your mistikal sekretses for making it to 100 are, I'm clearly doing it wrong. -Defective Human
  10. Right... and like I said, it's WAY easier to see that in practice on the Bridge or the Valley approaches. For the Bridge, while facing the spawn point, place a MG turret or two on the ground JUST BEFORE the bridge itself but off to the right side of the path and outside of the walkable area. The knobs will roll up to them, then hang out getting pieced up and then roll back to the spawn point, then roll back up to it and roll back to the spawn point... lather rinse repeat. Jacobs will follow them back and forth. With a couple of Landmines you can effectively take out the Jacobs and Knobs without getting involved in the fight at all. On the "Valley" approach, while facing the spawn point, place a MG turret or two on the ground to the right side of the spawn point but before the hill that has the statues (and before the "elbow" in the path). The knobs will continually try to roll up to the emplacement but will be unable to get up there and will die. Again, combine this with a few land mines and you can take out the Jacobs and knobs without getting involved in the fight directly. On the "Earthen Ramp" approach, there are a couple of rocks you can use to the right of the approach and a little alcove area to the left of the approach where you can place but I've not found a spot that is as effective as the other approaches. -DefectiveHuman
  11. If done right, you don't even need to be in a dampening generator zone. It also works with a Woodruff chassis with Sprint+ legs (not sure if it works with a Hamer too, but I would assume so) but the Assault Chassis options are too big. -Defective Human
  12. Certain locations the knobs won't ignore, they will just sit there FOREVER (until they die) trying to get up the hill and get to the turret. This is most obvious on the Bridge and the "valley" (as opposed to "earthen ramp") opening. On the bridge, put a single machine gun turret on the rock ledge to the right when facing the opening and if placed correctly the knobs will march back and forth, back and forth in front of it until the MG turret takes them all out... no matter how many there are. You can use two, three or four MG turrets if you want, but one is just as effective (albeit slower) at killing an entire knob wave. On the valley you can plant turrets to the right of the opening and the knobs will sit in front of it all day trying to figure out how to get there. Due to the way that the pathing seems to work, the knobs THINK they can make it there and it's the closest target so... Burst Trasmitters will of course take these out, but it's a very cheap and effective way to defeat an entire knob wave without lifting a finger. There are a FEW spots on the "earthen ramp" side, but they are harder to work with and even harder to defend. Again though, if done right, the knobs will NEVER move to the base, they will just sit in front of the turrets and die. The Big Willy one is trickier to pull off. With certain chassis / leg combos you can essentially "climb" into the Big Willie's mouth and anchor him in place. He will try to pivot around your trench, but a little left and right movement will pretty effectively pin him. If you have him in the right spot you can even plant with the tripod legs and permanently lock him in place. It's MUCH cheaper than the "knob trick" and also MUCH harder to pull off since you will clip through the big willie, or he will pivot off of you if you aren't in the right spot. That said, it is IMMENSELY effective at keeping the Willies from making it to the base. And now that the beans are spilled (thanks Gman30 ;-P), I fully expect the Big Willie glitch to get fixed. The other I don't think is a glitch so much as a "feature" but the Big Willie one is OBVIOUSLY a glitch. The quick and dirty patch would be to make the Big Willie's mouth do damage to your trench. -Defective Human
  13. I don't think it's trivial, and I also don't think it's linear, but like the upgrading turrets vs. planting new ones and DPS calculations proved out (for those aspects of the game) as far as game balance purposes there is a formula and then things are tweaked a bit as needed to make them more balanced than the base rules may allow. I can't imagine that the same is not true as far as the Chassis options goes. For example. Let's say that each chassis get's 500 "points" to spend on weapon slots, emplacement slots, scrap cost per emplacement and finally armor and speed.... remember though, without any input from MrMooEar or other DF employees I am just pulling numbers from the air. In addition to those 500 points all chassis start with "base" attributes of: "standard emplacement cost", 20 speed, 52 armor for a MKIII chassis (using the Woodruff MKIII as the base). So let's say that to make it 20% cheaper to plant a turret than the "standard" cost is 100 points. To make an engineering chassis you would now have 400 points to spend on the rest of the features. To make an Assault chassis you would now have 600 points to spend and to make a Standard chassis you still have 500 points to spend. A single weapon slot (let's say) costs 50 points. I don't think 2 on one side costs 100, I think 2 on one side probably costs more like 125 or 150. For the sake of argument, I'm going to say that 2 on one side costs 150. I also don't think that 3 on one side costs 150, I think it probably costs more like 225 points or maybe even 250 points. Let's use 250 since I think 3 on one side is a pretty MASSIVE improvement over 2 on one side and 1 on the other. Using these (pulled from the air) numbers, then the Woodruff MKIII would have spent: 500 + 0 (standard emplacement costs) - 150 (x2) = 200 remaining for emplacements (on 2 light + 1 support). So let's again ARBITRARILY suppose that each light emplacement costs 50 and each support costs 100 (I doubt that is accurate, but it works for the math)... that spends the allotment. To build the Karlsson MKIII you would have spent: 500 + 100 (20% more expensive to plant turrets) - 250 (x2) = 100 remaining for emplacements + upgraded armor cost - reduced speed cost. It has 1 light and 1 support, so if we use the numbers above then we are at -50 for cost. But maybe the reduced speed (18 vs 20) is a 75 point bump and the extra armor is a -25 reduction so we end up even. To build the Selker MKIII you would have spent: 500 - 100 (20% reduction to planting turrets) - 50 (x2) = 300 remaining for emplacements + speed increase cost - reduced armor cost. Extra speed (22 vs 20) I've randomly guessed should cost 75 points, and less armor gives back 25 points, so that leaves us with 250 points to spend. The light emplacements cost 50 each (according to my wild based on absolutely no facts guessing) which leaves us with 150 points to spend on our 2 heavy emplacements... so then Heavy emplacements cost 75 points each. It seems odd that Heavy would cost less that support... but who knows. Maybe the cost per weapon slot that I guessed at is totally off. Maybe the starting values are totally off and each type has a different base allotment. Maybe armor and speed are rolled in with the 20% turret costs? Maybe the 20% swing for planting is not 20% of the starting point cost but is something else. The point is that you can come up with numbers that work, and probably with a little tweaking and guessing / fiddling with the numbers I could come up with numbers that would for all six chassis... but that doesn't mean that they are correct. I doubt MrMooEar picked numbers from the air, that doesn't seem his style. DPS, Turret damage, Mines having fixed damage but the NUMBER of mines being increased as you level up the mine layer... that all seems very (and this is meant in the best possible way) formulaic. The game works because of the balance and that balance couldn't have been achieved if things were all willy nilly... I'd just like to know what the formula is... mostly so I could see if a selker-like chassis with at least 1 support turret would fit... because that is what I really want. Agreed, and you'll see both in my initial post and my clarifying post I allude to that. 2 on one side >> 1 on each and 3 on one side >> 2 on one and 1 on the other. I as well usually roll in the Honeychurch myself, but the lack of a second heavy emplacement is killer when you enter a random game with people who ONLY want to bring Karlsson's. The Selker's 2 heavy options are needed in that case, but having no support turret is a major problem when those same Karlsson folks plant and won't move or put down collection prongs. I'm really hoping that with "over 80 new pieces of loot", at least 24 or so of them are new chassis options (6 new chassis, MKI - MKIV). If not 24 then at LEAST 12 (3 new chassis, MKI - MKIV) but I'd like to see even MORE advanced versions of the initial 6 too. In SOLO, sure, but it's more cost effective to bring a Karlsson + Selker and have the Karlsson upgrade the Selker's heavy's than to play a Hamer and give up the extra Pancake (IMO). I don't think I would EVER play that chassis; the appeal isn't obvious to me why I would use it over another. Same as McGarry vs. Karlsson. I NEVER play the McGarry. I'd rather have the 3 slots on each side with 1 light and 1 support than the 2 slots on one, 3 slots on the other and 2 light emplacements. The situation that demands a McGarry has never been obvious to me, and I think that would be the same with your "Hamer" like trench. Why would I pick it over a Hamer or a Honeychurch or a Karlsson? -Defective Human
  14. Hmmm... I think I loaded that post with too many questions all mixed together. Maybe I should be more clear. 1) I think we can all realize that when DF / MrMooEar is building a trench chassis, weapon slots and emplacement options are the two big factors: a) how much does a single weapon slot cost? b) how much does 2 weapon slots on the same side cost compared to 1 on each side? c) how much does 3 weapon slots cost compared to 2 on one side and 1 on the other? d) how much does each emplacement option cost? e) do all chassis types (Assault, Standard and Engineering) get the same number of "points" or do certain types get more / less? 2) DF / MrMooEar will the DLC have brand new chassis options distributed among the 80+ pieces of new loot? 3) DF / MrMooEar will the DLC have new versions of the existing chassis options distributed among the 80+ pieces of new loot? 4) What new chassis options would you (the community) like to see? Thanks, -Defective Human
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