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  1. Like someone stated above. With the mars missions using shock seem almost ancient tech since the tubes have loads more health. I'll still use them when I play campaign or for fun but playing for fun doesn't get you level 100 on survival too often.
  2. I couldn't even imagine how many more hours if put into this game if the weapon leveling up idea from captain boom be implemented. Truly the best idea I've seen so far. I'd even add the ability to use cash to buy abilities for weapons. Once installed it can't be swapped out so the weapon would have to be sold if you didn't like your setting. Nothing too drastic obviously still want a challenge but there are so many weapons that have no abort or could use an extra + or 2. Please double fine take heed of this idea and let us unleash our inner trenchness.
  3. Lol nice list....good luck on hospital w/ no weapons. Hope the mine layers take care of the Jacobs in time for the Willie parade to go down.
  4. If only there was a "Jacob zapper emplacement". Something to deal with them and only them since other emplacements tend to ignore the fact they have blue tvs all over and what not.
  5. I was lucky to get to 30. Thank god for those decoys cuz they saved me or my cheevo lol. Granted its the only map sofar with 3 bases...it's also unlike swamp in which the VD will hit all 3 objectives on settlement in 1 pass. Orange, blue, than green. Not like a base can take too many of those in the first place.
  6. Hospital or Mars survival...either way mines are the ONLY thing outside of splash DMG from cluster mortars that wreck Jacobs. The best part is if you don't kill a Jacobs they end up doing almost as much as a big Willie with ther lil ol tongues. Their base DMG is amazing lol.
  7. There were already 15-20 upgraded camo shotguns right at conduits headed inward on all 3 sides of hospital and there was only 2 of us. Not that many tubes...Jacobs are just a thorn in my side. Is it too much to ask for regular emplacements to target Jacobs? Would that ruin the challenge all together?
  8. I could be wrong but maybe all shotgun emplacements are slug. Never recall 1 blasting about like a blastasaurus Rex. That thing shoots crazy.
  9. Eh...smaller radius than the regular(like camo shotgun) and I think it works out. Your just replacing a spot you'd put a mine layer for a camo dampeners. Then why not put something new and shiny where your old dampeners would be? What's not overpowered about a MLRS? Lol just saying. It's not like they are killing tubes with their camo-ness
  10. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Camo dampeners and legs that when locked down create a large dampening field(maybe level 3) just because your locked down...
  11. After a quick run with a friend and I making it to wave 60+ with our only "restriction" was no mine layers. Still had PST's but the problem was Jacobs. I was so tired of killing Jacobs and watching turrets sit it became annoying lol. The Willie parades were alright it was just when it spammed a giant amount of Jacobs my perforators weren't cutting it. If camo shotguns were buckshot instead of slug I think it would make dealing with Jacobs a little easier. The shotguns shoot at the tubes as they pass but since it appears to be a slug round it hits only it's target.
  12. As far as Xbox goes its about 3 months old...skyrim and fallout I'd say out of all my games makes the system feel hot. I understand games freeze but never had any issues with IB until recently. Granted this isn't what you were looking for as far as barrel generator goes but with that aspect I know personally I've had several barrel generators at each entrance of hospital and didn't have any issues.
  13. But keep in mind Melting sky...how many vd's do we see on hospital? For the first 50 waves maybe 5-6 and then after that I've had hospital runs w/ no more VDs after a certain wave. Would using perforators on 1 side of the karlson be breakin the rules? Id like to be laying waste to the Jacobs as I run through/around the masses to them w/ shotguns. Maybe even someone running a heavy laser so the long distance threats are being worked on as they spawn.
  14. Gonna need A LOT of Jacob/burst transmitter control. I believe camo shotguns will hit jacobs(Aiming at what they are protecting once they pass) and obviously that will be your only line of defense from burst transmitters outside of yourself. Maybe just a 3 man squad of karlsons? Turrets are more expensive but you'll need at least 1 person using a collector/repair crane/ dampeners. Leaves a camo shotgun, shredder, and 1 Archie flak to control everything outside of bosses.
  15. I hear ya crackalackin I feel that the PSTs was a lifeline then but now...it's all about experimenting with the tools were given. The main reason PST's are used on swamp is to deal with the VD. At least lately I've been playing swamp with my buddy and the mines work great for the paths, pair those up with mortars and that's a win/win. Archie flak only deals a lil bit over 100 when upgraded and later level VDs have tons of health. Would lasers and shotgun wielding chassis take over the role of PST's?
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