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  1. mine is the milkman conspiracy.
  2. You know what he looks like, right? *shudders at the thought* I mean, yeah, that guy is fricken awesome and all, but the sight of him wearing Raz's outfit is a bit menacing. i ment he should be the voice actor in an animated movie.
  3. maybe im going out on a limb, but maybe they should find a way to fit a multiplayer deathmatch mode onto the game. it would be awesome to use pyrokinesis against another player.
  4. hey, if raz was played by the guy who does invader zim's voice in the game, then it would be logical to do so with the movie too.
  5. I ment advanced graphics on the ps3 and 360
  6. mine are: raz:"your name isnt boyd anymore, its roid,because your a big pain in my butt." raz:"I get it! you grab one of the squirrels nuts and use clairvoyance on it to see what he sees!" nils:"uh, could you say 'acorns' if you repeat that to anyone else?" "I heard that one time this kid was late for basic braining, and coach oleander held him upside down until he turned blue, but the kid had just drinken a 6 pack of soda, so when oleander shook him, he exploded."
  7. I have the pc version of psychonauts, and it doesnt have any of the problems listed in this topic, but it has some annoying audio bugs that arnt in the console versions.
  8. a wii version of psychonauts would be pretty cool, and i also think it should be rereleased on current generation consoles with advanced graphics and all that good stuff.
  9. nfrog


    the way the ending of psychonauts was kind of a cliffhanger, i think it would be logical to say that it has been cosidered during production, doncha think?
  10. nfrog


    is there ever gonna be a sequel to psychonauts? i just beat the game and i think that it is worthy of one.
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