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  1. I want more Costume Quest

    Congradulations! My children are already picking out what costume they will put together for Samhain (Halloween). I'm already seeing decorations out at the stores. It just really gets you in the mood for the season. Come on Double Fine, give us an announcement that you are beginning work on a follow-up to Costume Quest. But not involving another holiday though. Grubbin's on Ice was cool, but the games revolving around Halloween is much better.
  2. I want more Costume Quest

    I'd buy day of release for a new Costume Quest too. I seriously beat the first game (it's my favorite) over and over again. I never liked RPG's, but love the original Costume Quest and the great Halloween feel that it gives you. I'm transported back to being a kid on Samhain night. I really hope that they consider creating a full-blown sequel that amps up that vibe of the greatest of all holidays.
  3. I want more Costume Quest

    I really look forward to a Costume Quest 2. I play this game more than my kids do. We would like for it to go back to Halloween though. Grubbins on Ice was fun, but the Halloween feel in the first game is awesome. Keep the costumes scary though. The unicorn and lady liberty were handy, but not really cool costumes. I'm talking about having: Gill-Man, Wolfman, Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, Witch, Zombie, Ghost, Banshee, Headless Horseman, Slasher, and maybe a couple cute ones like a scarecrow, spider, owl and bat. Costume Quest is too good of a game to not make countless sequels. Samhain isn't too far off and Costume Quest really gets me in the mood.