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  1. If you got a bad back I strongly support drinking. Same goes for having to work sundays. Its unchristian I tells ya!
  2. Yeah, you more kinda typed it didn't you?
  3. Why did we never get to the daemon lands in Brutal Legend?
  4. On the other hand I dont think she would mention if she could.
  5. Any known relation? And also, Does anyone else think that Thulsa is a girls name?
  6. It really is a sort of cliff hanger. Maby there will be a non-Shaefer sequel. Although this seems even more unlikely since we lucky few who actually played the original is just that, few. There may be a strong demand for a sequel, but its certainly not a wide demand.
  7. So the only people who could make a passable film are better employed making games.
  8. Well, yes, but this is hardly lunch. It is, in fact, a non-edible and even non-tangible peice of software with unsurprisingly low food value other than purely figuratively speaking.
  9. Hah, I was right! Free psychonauts for a whole year! Wunderbaum!
  10. Maby they could do some reverse bugsy malone version, where the kid parts are played by adult actors, wouldn't really work with actual children, as I see it at least.
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