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  1. I received mine on wednesday afternoon. The Swedish customs are extra tough at the moment and you probably know that Postnord sucks, so you should sit tight.
  2. Time for a Double Fine Movie Club? I'm doing a Christmas movie marathon this december and I need your help with selecting the movies! I need 24 holiday movies! Extremely "American" movies are welcomed, 24 variations of Charles Dickens Christmas Story are less so So far, my schedule is: 1/12: Die Hard 2/12: Home Alone 3/12: Gremlins 4/12: The Grinch (2000) 5/12: The Muppets Christmas Story 6 - 24/12: ???
  3. Mine was shipped on the 25th, but I did not get an automatic shipping notification. Has anyone received their box yet?
  4. I agree 110% with Mr. Anonymity! America is a great country in many ways, but goddamn, sometimes y'all make some strange decisions...
  5. What's going on with Hiveswap? I know, I'm late to the party, but what happened? It almost looked like Strong Bad, and my hype was outrageous! But now... the backgrounds look great, but the characters look like cutouts that's been glued to the background. Will the game become vaporware? Thoughts?
  6. I've now finished Undertale, it got a bit better, but I still had to force myself through it. Final verdict: Good, but massively overrated. 6/10
  7. This could look so cool with the Oculus Rift... Make it happen!
  8. These "ironic" games by developers who think bad is the new good are becoming very tiresome... and the totally original joke reviews... 420/10 would buy for senpai again hl3 confirmed
  9. I'm thinking Pink Panther: Passport to Peril and its sequel Pink Panther: Hokus Pokus Pink. Both of them came out after DOTT and are a little whacky. Pretty fun too!
  10. keep playing until you get to the snowy town. if you're not hooked by then, it might not be your thing I'm at Waterfall now, so I think I passed Snowy Town. As another member posted, it feels created to spawn memes. But it's still a good game, I'll probably update when i finish it.
  11. At the moment, I'm playing Undertale. But to be honest, I don't really get the hype. Maybe I haven't got to the good parts yet. What do y'all think about Undertale?
  12. I'm super-stoked for Knights and Bikes, it's currently on Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/foamsword/knights-and-bikes?ref=discovery), it probably won't reach its goal though. Damn shame.
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