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  1. Yay! Metal. Lamb of God-Randy Blythe is a unique vocalist Finntroll-They're influenced by a brand of folk black metal called "hummpa" and that's just awesome Tenacious D-That which defiles the Metal shall be driven into the ground by it's face Annihilatrix-Illinois based death metal group on myspace with kick ass riffs Dethklok-What can you say about these guys; they're just brutal Motorhead-The only card I need is the Ace of Spades Serj Tankian-His solo album Elect the Dead was great because it was hard like SOAD in Steal This Album or Toxicity but had a beautiful variety to the instruments used such as piano and violin Powerman 5000- Vocals and unique technolectric combo Rob Zombie-Just plain f***ing metal. The heavy-handed industrial points to most of his music are great. Even in Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds and American-made Music To Strip By he combined metal and impressive techno beats. Skindred- Really hard Reggaeton and sweet guitar licks Slipknot- Driven by pure anger, they do everything metal
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