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  1. DLC and Options Wish List Updated 7/14/2011

    the robot outfit from costume quest for Trenched DLC mars looks like fun.
  2. your game has died finaly!!!!!

    you do realize that recently a bunch of triple A titles were released also? I'm sure ppl are playing Gears 3, BF3, and Batman right now. Once trenched gets its DLC and there will be a lot of return players. just wait and see what happens to other games when MW3, Skyrim, and diablo 3 finally comes out. i still love this game, but right now the tube threat is not as important as the lambent.
  3. This game will die soon

    search engine is your friend. google it, you'll not only get the info but you'll get pics as well. as for this game dying? it's an XBLA game...the good ones like this are tasty morsels that you only wish you could take more bites out of. on the other hand today's gamers play games to death, beating a game in a night or over the weekend and expecting more is really your own fault. I'd love to see more Trenched of course, but if the DF's DLC behavior remains constant...it'll make headlines soon, but probably later due to all the insane triple A titles coming out in the next few months.
  4. Iron Brigade set to release in Europe soon!!!

    ppl want to buy this awesome game at a reduced price already? bwahahaha...
  5. Iron Brigade set to release in Europe soon!!!

    probably "bloody" trench mechs.
  6. most powerfull trench and what u call it

    how do you stop jacobs?
  7. DLC and Options Wish List Updated 7/14/2011

    increased enemy health can be emulated now buy using lower level weapons and emplacements, harder difficulty can be achieved by using lower level trenches that have less armor. try the sinkhole w/makeshift and standard equipment...it's not pretty. how is the support slot a waste between 2 assaults? just coordinate, one using dampener and another using collector or repair. it's all in the communication.
  8. the special treat will probably be, a thank you email for spending more money on capcom for the same game with added features...again. iirc, everytime you beat any capcom game that has Ryu or a fireball motion in it says "Thank you for playing" Drop the "L." I'm not paying for this game though, I'll make someone get it for me for Christmas.
  9. DLC and Options Wish List Updated 7/14/2011

    Understandable. Surprisingly though, you can find a lot more tactical loadout incorporating lower level wpns w/the higher levels ones. My main issues w/online play is the potential for other to drop out due to connection issues. This is why when it's my job to snipe, I always take Rosie w/me as the 3rd slot. While the damage doesn't compare to the higher level guns the explosive effect takes care of breakers etc in the even I end up playing solo due to dropped players. I try different loadout as often as I can, while I used to bring Mine layer emplacements all the time the Mortars recently have been more effective. The mines, while having a higher damage output is misleading. All the mines the mine layer puts out combined seem to do the advertised damage, and some tubes tend to set them off while the rest run by. Great for most places when you can't be in two places at once but not very effective vs. hordes of tubes w/shields. The game still plays well and at this point I'm doing the regiment challenges with one other friend. So if we win with 1% base health or 100%, the goal now is to grind out wpn specific kills. Infact...that would actually be a lot more challenging, to win with 10% base health or lower.
  10. Whatever will we do with all this $$$

    they have a wager match, it's called Black Ops. to keep with the DF feel, simply something as donating money to victims of the Monovisions would be much better. You don't really get anything to use in the game but you know your hard earned cash is going to help the good of the people. Rewards? Everytime you donate $1,000 fireworks erupt in the distance.
  11. DLC and Options Wish List Updated 7/14/2011

    The issue I see with a map update to cater to high level players would be the balance issue when playing co-op. Lower level players might not consider playing with higher levels as fun with higher level tubes...or it would end up being lower levels just idle boosting or being power leveled in it's own sort of way. "oh but low levels can be useful, they can collect scrap." High lvl really only means increased damage output and resistance to attacks. If you want more of a challenge, use lower level weapons or less optimal setups. Money eventually becomes just a statistic so winning at 1% base health is still a win. At this point I play to try different setups and just iron out the regiment challenges being that it's just myself and one other buddy who hardly ever plays. So far all the DF DLC's for their games have been extended campaign with added features, whatever that may be for their games.
  12. Community Game Night with Devs

    thanks man.
  13. Borderlands, with the Soldier.
  14. Rambo: First Blood was on...so I had to watch it.
  15. Community Game Night with Devs

    so, no one played w/the Devs actually asked a question about DLC and got an answer?