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  1. Trolling

    I prefer coffee, actually.
  2. PC. Or the original Game Boy.
  3. Double Fine Action Shop

    I would love to do that, too. Although I don't even know your stepdad.
  4. Tim's keynote

    Er. Nevermind.
  5. Tim's keynote

    Wouldn't that be kind of unrealistic? I mean, they didn't even have the force back then.
  6. Double Fine Action Figures

    I'm totally against Double Fine Diapers. Who could ever throw them away? That would just be too cold. And they probably were expensive, too.
  7. Psychonauts 3?

    I only know up up down down left right left right b a start.
  8. Psychonauts 3?

    Uh. I also don't have a PSP. What I do have is an original Game Boy. So... I'd really appreciate if Psychonauts 2 would run on that. If it has to be handheld.
  9. Shafer's best game poll

    Oh, I liked DOTT. It was (and still is) a great game (a bit short, though). It's just that I like Grim Fandango even more.
  10. A promise

    Brazil exists.
  11. I like what I see.

    You don't get used to it. Trust me. I know.
  12. Psychonauts 3?

    It's a matter of priority. If you're in a store and you could buy a DS or four copies of Psychonauts - what would you go for?
  13. Shafer's best game poll

    Grim Fandango is full of action if you play it right, e.g. in a barrel full of caffeinated monkeys. And even if you don't for some reason it certainly has a high body count of sorts. At least there are lot of dead people in it. If that doesn't indicate action I don't know. And as I said, you don't have to play it - just pretend you do and praise it anyway. After you bought it twice. I guess we agree on that. That's spooky, nobody ever agrees with me.
  14. Top Hats

    I feel the urge to buy one, now. They should offer them in the shop.
  15. OTHER comics (HEAVENS NO!)

    I enjoy the Order of the Stick.