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  1. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Hi there. Indeed, Broken Age is designed with 16:9 monitors and televisions in mind, with the additional option to display in vertical letterboxed mode. While we tried to accommodate as wide a range of display options as possible, the native art is only so wide. In this case, the team chose not to include an option to stretch the image because it was designed for widescreen from the start, whereas the option in Grim Fandango Remastered was included because that game's native display is only in 4:3 and some early feedback suggested users might like an option to stretch the image so that it may fill the screen. There are no plans for updates to the PS4 version, but hopefully the black bars aren't too distracting.
  2. Purchased this game on IOS

    Hi e3run! Unfortunately, iOS apps and macOS apps are separate. The macOS/OSX version can be purchased through the Mac store or places like Steam and itch.io.
  3. Psychonauts Patch - Linux and Mac Update

    Hi folks! So bummer news on this front. We've investigated the issue with missing graphics updates on DRM-free Mac and Linux builds, and unfortunately we can't address this any time soon. I know it's a long wait to hear we can't fix it, so please email us at support@doublefine.com so we can help you out. We check regularly and will be on the lookout for anyone mentioning Psychonauts.
  4. Psychonauts Patch - Linux and Mac Update

    Hey folks! We're checking this out. Steam - Outta be up to date! Humble Bundle/GOG - We're tracking down the missing updates. DVD - We're not planning to provide a patch for this version. Unfortunately the logistics of providing an update are beyond what we can muster right now.
  5. Changelog

    Steam 7/28 Released the Linux version! (thanks Cheese!) Mine Road stability improvements for Windows and macOS VO working across all languages on macOS Cloud save working across Windows, macOS, and Linux Stay tuned for another update soon!
  6. Maybe you saw the announcement, but if not... https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/Broken-Age/BRT1K9FV4LRR
  7. Update?

    Small fix to a cutscene.
  8. Steam key issues - RESOLVED!

    Humble Bundle confirms that the extra Kiln keys are distributed. I have also confirmed there are 3 extra keys. Please check the game page in your library.
  9. PC Changelog

    5/30/2017 Fixed a crash that occurred on lowest graphics setting
  10. Vella Cosplay

    And the knife and laser trigger too!
  11. Steam key issues - RESOLVED!

    By the way, you may notice Steam keys are hidden in the Humble Bundle library and a message appears indicating that we are working to fix them. This will be updated again when we work this out.
  12. Steam key issues - RESOLVED!

    Hm, let me look into extra MP keys. Post-AF releases are still being discussed I believe, though nothing certain yet.
  13. Please see this thread for an update on Steam keys:
  14. Steam key issues - RESOLVED!

    Hey everyone! I'm working with Spaff and the team to get those keys working. It's a real bummer of a situation. The keys are all valid, as Spaff mentioned, but it will take time for them to show in the library. This is due to the way we set up the keys and we will obviously be better prepared if we do this again. I wish I could specify how much time we're talking about here, but unfortunately that's unclear. It looks like the keys will not be ready this month. And thanks for your suggestions. We will communicate this in more places so people are aware before they try to redeem a key.
  15. Oh whoa, we're looking into this now. In the meantime, everyone should access to DRM-free versions in their Humble Bundle libraries.