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  1. I thought Brandon's GF was that asian lady whose face appear as a photo in BL and Psychonauts if you stand at the exactly right place looking at the exactly right angle... that was one damn weird easter egg I agree on the creepy levels slowly rising, whatever the case..
  2. Hello, I am Maja from Sweden (yeah, lots of us in here, huh? Funny to see so many people from such a small country...) and I am dabbling around with 2D art. I am mainly interested in just watching this process come along as I am trying to decide whether or not to go on a programming/graphics course next year, so it will be fun to keep an eye open on the inside of things. That being said, I can contribute with the 2D art that will likely be needed for menu's and advertising, and possibly with simple 2D animations if there is a need for those. I am also an experienced story-writer and have written chapters for projects like these before. You'll find me as 'EmberEgg' on GitHub.
  3. Okay. This is looking positively amazing and I do NOT want to miss out on this. Damnit, I wish I had found this topic earlier! I have zero experience with programming, but I am okay on the art side of things. Are you still in need of 2D artists?
  4. I assume Ophelia wasn't your average tear drinker in that she never actually drank from the Sea; she attempted to drown herself, hence the 'Drowning Doom' and not the 'Drinking Doom'. (Though I do admit that the Drinking Doom would be quite an interesting faction, all things considered... ) The sea took all her sorrows and bitterness and amplified it - perhaps that was why she could return after Dovicolus squashed her heart.
  5. I originally wasn't going to purchase it due to the shipping costs to Europe, but I was fortunate enough to find a copy at a local game fair. My face was like Definitely worth the purchase, this book is awesome!
  6. Curiosity got the best of me and I googled goo girls. And... um, wow. I guess if there are people turned on by bicycles... I think I am deeply afraid by the prospect of doing Jell-o.
  7. I also don't follow US politics, but I'm starting to think it's a case of "We're don't have the currently sitting president, so lets f**k him up! Ten years from now, children studying history will read in their school books that things went to hell during Obama reign! YEAH!!!" It's just a really, really shitty way of slandering somebody's name. It's just dumb. It's not like the US economy will be the only one affected by the bankruptcy of one of the worlds biggest countries. I'm seriously starting to think about writing that one dystopian sci-fi novel I thought up as a kid. The one where the EU controls the entire western world and we're basically back in the Soviet Union, only this time the war is against China. It almost seem plausible now.
  8. Ah, well that explains that. Are you going to allow/encourage original characters or stick with the already existing crew? I'll be sure to check back either way. Hope to see this project leave the shore sometime soon.
  9. In. *raises hand* I joined a one-shot a few years ago that sadly died. I still catch myself mourning its loss. You can go oh so crazy with a world like BL if you have just a little bit of imagination. Oh, and if you don't want to pay for a site, why not take it to proboards or the like? Proboards pay their bills with ads, so it's completely free to use unless you go premium (which, I think, probably doesn't do much more besides REMOVING said ads).
  10. The problem isn't that it wouldn't fit into the story, it's that it has to be enjoyable and listenable when driving through the rest of the world doing side missions and goofing around killing epic things to an equally epic score playing in the background. That's pretty much the soul and heart of BL(cabbage boy aside, at least). If people who don't know Brian Posehns music hears it on the deuce radio for the first time and goes 'WTF is this', it simply isn't the right music for the game. People aren't going to listen to the lyrics to see if it's funny, they're going to decide whether it's epic enough to slay things with an ax to from the first few chords. Either way, it is sort of pointless to argue about it.
  11. Yeah, but Brian Posehn HIMSELF made it into Brutal Legend. He's funny, but I don't think his music really fits. BL is a tribute to the music rather than the funny(though it does contain funny), and Brian's music is a tribute to the funny rather than what actually sounds nice(though it does contain ok music). BL needs as soundtrack as epic as itself or it wouldn't do it justice.
  12. Because they wouldn't exactly be new, considering they were rather heavily featured in the first one... plus I'd be pretty damn surprised if they didn't show up anyway. I wonder if he have a song about hunting? Oh, and this, it would be such an excellent nod into the right direction:
  13. Anything from the genres the game left out - mainly folk and power, bu many genres are wholly under representated. Equilibrium, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Wintersun, Firewind, Norther, Amoral, Fear of Domination, Catamenia, Warmen, Mercenary, Bloodbound, Powerwolf, Axxis, Primordial Fear, Stormwarrior, Morgana LeFay, Altaria, Excalion, Pyramaze, Saint Demon, and so forth. There is NOT a shortage of worthy metal bands...
  14. It will be quite fun to see what DF have in mind for a possible CHALICE plot, considering the fact that this will span over the course of several generations while most games play out within an individuals (mortal) lifetime. How deeply involved will you be able to get with your individual heroes before they die and will you be rewarded for fleshing out their character and relationships along with simple power stat? Will you regard your heroes only as pawns, or do the population expect you to be a respectful leader in return for service? Can you choose between democracy or dictatorship, and will the morality of your choices have consequences that may not be immediate or even wholly predictable? CHALICE have a real opportunity here, but despite the fact that it will probably be difficult to make it happen, I'd love a rogue-style storyline because it hasn't really been a game that executed it very well yet. I imagine a set number of possible beginnings, and you will reach one of the set number of endings by making different choices in between, thus making a compromise with the set storyline while still allowing for some uniqueness to each playthrough.
  15. As a student and, at the moment, economically rather pressed person, I have to sort of agree with the OP here. Yes, the Kickstarter is for founding games, and not reward the pledgers with goods they want to get through it. However, he idea of the rewards is to make people buy the respective tiers - otherwise they would not have been there, and no matter what the purpose of the kickstarter is, no one in their right mind can deny that this is probably a big reason why Kickstarter is so effective in the first place. Otherwise game companies would've just started an anonymous collection fund or something like that. Thus I think it is somewhat counterproductive to put the price for, say, a t-shirt so effing high. I want that shirt too, and if the price had been lower than it is right now, I wouldn't have minded paying a higher tier for it. Of course DF will do whatever they want to, and either way they seem to be quite successful with their kickstarters for sure. It's just that to me it seem that the psychological effect offered by the rewards haven't been handled as well as it it did on the previous kicks, and whatever you want to say about 'that's not how kickstarters work', it will inevitably effect the outcome and cut the final sum short of what it could have been.
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