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  1. Has a game ever surprised you?

    Red dead redemption...I was suprised how much I loved the beginning, the characters, the world, the missions, everything...and then the second suprise was when
  2. Once Upon A Monster first trailer!!!

    Dude, Win, chill out. They know what they are doing. Also, they show the trailer to get people hyped, I think someone needs to go take a nap before their mind explodes.
  3. What are you playing?

    I just beat vanquish yesterday. HOLY CRAP. SO damn beautiful. I had to change my pants so many times just because of the action overload
  4. Double Fine ActionCast Mailbag

    Alright, I suppose I will ask my question. I've been obsessed this past year with Super Street Fighter 4, Do you think that doublefine will ever take a crack at a fighting game? I would love to see all the craziness and innovation that you guys would bring to the table. I can't even imagine what kinds of characters you would create. Also, what are the odds of me getting hired by doublefine after i graduate in 2014? =D Just a thought. Great Podcast, keep up the good work
  5. Games: -Vanquish -God of War 3 -Bayonetta -Uncharted 2 -Epic Mickey -Killer 7 Other: -Pots and Pans, Waffle maker, panini maker, plates, other odds and ends
  6. the social network

    I'm sorry, you spelled the title of the thread wrong, it should be titled "Scott Pilgrim vs the world"
  7. Everybody get random!

    wait...what? That's not even clever.
  8. Double Fine Costume Contest

    I'll have you know that I live in the Queens country dear sir/madame! hmm...i suppose I should say non-japanese cosplay
  9. Manga/Anime

    your a terrible person, katez.. well, maybe not, kamina deserves her
  10. Double Fine Costume Contest

    there are very few american cosplayers that do it right....those few cosplayers are in this thread GOOD WORK GUYS!
  11. So, I was rollerblading down a ramp in a parking garage while my dad was doing something off somewhere. I was enjoying it, going up and speeding my way down. The way the garage was built is that when you go down the ramp you turn left to get out or else you will go straight into a wall (foreshadowing). So my dad comes back and i yell "DAD WATCH ME!" as I go down 1 last time. I go down, and I see a car starting to turn into the garage...I panic and instead of taking a left out of the garage, I lept over the curve and run straight into the wall with my left arm in front of me to try and stop me. My dad is laughing and thinks I just knocked the wind out of me and says "COME ON, GET UP". I then roll over to see my dad's face go silent and pale. I look at my arm (which was now numb to all hell) to see my hand was pointing sideways as my arm was pointing straight...I had dislocated my wrist. And the funny thing is, my dad was standing like, 2 steps away from where I made contact with the wall. So he could have taken two side steps, and I would have ran into him and would have been fine.
  12. release date and price

    day one perchase. Need to get my trick or treating on since I have to work on halloween.
  13. Brutal birthday!

    not that I dont love brutal legend and all, wouldnt this fit better in the brutal legend category
  14. solving world hunger, FOR THE ZOMBIES

  15. x

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be my game of the year...