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  1. We have a good chance at getting OG Raz in Psychonauts 2 at the rate we are going now
  2. Why isn't investments to psychonauts 2 a "good enough" present for my family and friends because they all tell me "you just want an excuse for higher backer rewards" silly family I know you all secretly want it
  3. That tumblr reblog goal was so close to 15,000 for so long!
  4. I think there's enough room in psychonauts HQ for a talking toilet using his voice.
  5. Wow that garage studio. I can just imagine someone backing thier car in there and seeing a bunch of people on computers like what is this madness
  6. I will definitely try my best to do all the selfies just need to find a milk man first
  7. underneath that in the reward contents it lists digital art book aswell as the collectors edition Psychonauts 1 & 2 boxed copy so that made me think it was just the digital book. Cheers for showing me.
  8. I will need to go novelty shoe hunting *loads patented shoe net launcher 2000 X*
  9. Wow yes it is! It would be nice to choose between a physical copy or a backer t shirt for the 100 dollars.
  10. Is there any reason why there isn't a physical art book tier? I'm sure there are a tonne of people who would get one. Me being one of them One reason I can imagine is the printing and shipping is too costly and a lengthy process.
  11. I hope this is the case otherwise it won't be worth the cash
  12. I'm curious about what total budget will be with the 3.3million, double fine's savings and mystery partners. So I can get more of a sense of the scope of the game.
  13. hey forum I today bought costume quest for my iPad mini, so I could relive this sugar coated Halloween classic now that my Xbox 360 is gone. For the first few minutes all was good the game was running similarly to on consoles, but I noticed that the awesome soundtrack had not started playing, so I skipped past some of the cutscenes to see if it was just an issue in there. Unfortunately however the problem remained when in exploration and battles as well. I still heard Sfx sounds eg. Attacks, walking but I wanted to check if the settings in the game and on my iPad were caused this but I found these seemed to be all in check, so I'm not sure what the issue is. If someone could help me out with this that would be great
  14. Ok thanks I think I will since I haven't played since launch, but I should get through it quicker because I've played the puzzles before so I won't need to wait too long for the new stuff
  15. i thought I would ask this while the second act installs Do you guys think it would be worth playing act 1 again before starting act 2?
  16. I voted horizontal because I feel like the art would be too suffocated without the extra space to include the environments Shay and Vella are in. And since that image has been solidified in my head as the first thing I think of when I hear broken age. It would be tough to be accustomed to a new one. 50/50 so far on the poll, I didn't expect it to be so split
  17. lol wow instant responce ok then so it works as a pre-order and i get to help tim make a amazing game. hell yeah :coolsmile:
  18. so if im reading this right if a give 15 bucks then i will get the game on steam when its finished?
  19. tim schafer did say he wanted to make psychonauts 2 when he was on inside xbox but all he needs is a publisher to publish and fund the game.
  20. what do you think double fine will get to work to now that their 4 mini games project are finished?
  21. its still a day one buy for me i bought 1200 msp a few days before the american release and now they having been gathering dust for a handful of months but now.....its time to put these babies to use
  22. no matter what happens im going to get game ive been holding my breath so long i look like im out of grim fandango
  23. I can't afford those games anyway so iron brigade for me Haha
  24. Lol I'm still going to call it trenched dw guys we will play and be noobs together brothers in mechs
  25. http://twitter.com/#!/MrMooEar the project lead for trenched brad said there is going to be announcement soon for europe lets hope we find out soon
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