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  1. Or is the loading issue still... well, an issue?
  2. Tim knows about it now, hopefully a patch is on the way.
  3. Brutal Legend PS3 needs to be patched. The new DLC triggers this weird glitch where if you have 99% game completion and attempt to continue your saved game, it will get stuck on the loading screen. It's been a common problem, here's an entire GameFaqs thread on it: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=943673&topic=52862625
  4. I missed out on when it was free for that week, and I really want that damn Oculus... I've got six or seven statues left and they're driving me bonkers (I think two are under the highway in the first area, towards either end (based on a map I found online)), but I don't feel like $5 is really worth it. Do you guys think there'll be a DLC sale soon on PSN? Should I hold out?
  5. I am not, nor have I ever been, a journalist. I'm currently a college student living abroad and interning for this international art/culture magazine called Umelec (oom-yeh-letz) which probably no one here has heard of. The editorial staff is pretty liberal in terms of letting its interns submit articles for publication and I proposed one about the rise of games as a narrative art form and the conflicts and contradictions that have arisen within the industry. I figure since: 1. Tim Schafer is one of the great masters of interactive story telling b. I have a boner for Psychonauts Γ. Double Fine is a fairly small operation whose development seems to be led by a very cohesive artistic vision He would be the man to maybe field some questions to. Here's a link to the magazine's website: http://www.divus.cz/umelec/en/frame.htm
  6. It'd be a purely emotional inheritance. An inheritance of FEELINGS, Tim. You can't put a price on that.
  7. Tim, I think you should adopt me and be my half-dad. I say half-dad because my dad's still pretty cool and he feeds me and stuff and you don't have to feed me I just want to play catch once in a while.
  8. YES GOGGLES WOULD BE AWESOME. And the aviator cap! I'd buy that in an instant! Also, Psychonauts t-shirts, more more more! More blatant ones to, not just obscure in-game references (though I'm aware they're not obscure for us).
  9. That's it, I've become a devoted fan. After the glory that was Psychonauts--a game I could never praise enough--and interacting with DoubleFine (customer service, fan email, the shop), I have nothing but respect for these people. came I don't know if they even read the forums, but if you guys do: thank you. Not only did I buy Psychonauts when it came out, and then buy it again from the site shop, but I force all of my gamer-friends to play it. I've busted my butt trying to find the old Schafer text adventures, and I think I might've tracked 'em down. Such is my appreciation Tim Schafer's creative direction.
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