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  1. NEW PSYCHONAUTS PACKS ARE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the PSYCHONAUTS CHICK pack and I am currently sporting a double headed baby my friends!
  2. Games with bad presentation,bland level designs and games with brown color palettes. We need more Psychonauts/Killer7-esQe games.
  3. Seriously, I would LOVE to sport a double headed baby with a big ass "DF" as my gamerpicture.
  4. That is strange....Windows XP? If I were you I would save all my files and reformat and install again.
  5. That is true! Although, Personally I love having a actual hard copy of the game...Except for the XBLA titles I bought for the moment. Hard copy + Case and instruction manual is good for a collector. LIKE ME!
  6. I usually save my save files and other sensitive files on both my Flash drive AND HDD.
  7. Yeah that would be cool...Maybe some more Psychonauts related posters also.
  8. Well, I have had the chance to take a close peek inside about 3 different broken 360's and the problem in EVERY SINGLE ONE (red ringing) was the heatsinks were really loose. The little X clamps underneath the Motherboard were like twisted and soft, kinda like when you take a paper clip and twist it. I then hopped online and found a site that sells these bolts and spacers to replace those crappy X clamp things. Well, I ordered a few and replaced the 360s with the bolts and they all worked fine after that! I then traded my current year old 360 into gamestop, bought a new one and popped it open and replaced the clamps with the bolts. No problems in the past 4 months since I bought it. Microsoft needs to REALLY look into those clamp things.
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