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  1. this does not suprise me. i knew when they said "september", without a nailed on date, it was too vague. it just stinks of desperatly trying to keep interest up when i guess they knew full well it would not release in sept. i had already made the decision not to buy and im glad i still intend not to. useless liars.
  2. september! with dead island, rage and gears of war 3, all of which are nailed on AAA titles! haha good luck with the european sales!!!
  3. yeah but "annoucments coming soon" have been spoken of since the day it was supposed to be released? dead island, gears of war 3 and rage are three massive games coming soon and there just wont be the time or money for a lot of people (me included) to bother with an arcade title.
  4. well just found out that a new zombies map for black ops is out saturday and will cost 1200msp. the same 1200msp i had been saving for trenched. oh well i guess i'll probably be waiting another few years before spending my cash on an arcade title (certainly wont be one made by double fine though).
  5. thanks for the reply. not sure i trust the payment method on the first site? and as im in UK cant use site number 2. any other opinions/help very greatfully accepted! i have heard of a method using paypal? can anyone help with this? thanks, Nick
  6. thanks for the reply. seems that the sellers on amazon are "official" and will only sell to people with a US billing address? i cannot believe how difficult they are making this????
  7. its getting a bit silly now, all this waiting, no updates whatsoever? they even closed the european release speculation thread??? i have had an xbox since 2006 and this was to be the first arcade game i ever bought! so, is there anyway to play this in europe? i am in the uk and already have a US account, but how do i add points to it? wont accept my credit card as that is registered to UK address. i looked up US points cards on ebay but nobody will email the code??? only post which is a pain. can it be done with paypal? if so, how??? many thanks in advance for any help, Nick
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