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  1. Whoa these bases. Getting better and better.
  2. I believe fire eats up, and needs oxygen.
  3. I like that you've basically made a Space Resort. Life support hallways is a really cool idea. It looks awesome. Here's my current base which I'm using to test out and play around with some of the Alpha 2 stuff. JP said it was okay to post this! Notice: The garden zone/food art is super early, in progress. (It's also why the food replicator is a storage locker with the word "food" written on it, and a hamburger sticking out of it) Technicians do their job a lot better now, so I can take risks like having a few extra O2 recyclers. I also had a spare room which I set as a reactor and put a bunch of plants in because my base is apparently actually a drug smuggling operation. I also turned the area with the Base Seed into a storage closet because I thought it was funny.
  4. It is made in Moai but is measurably more advanced than the prototype, and it is available for Linux!
  5. You can see how the UV mapping is laid out on the Lumberjack test character in the creating a character thread.
  6. Wow, thanks for this post. That's fascinating stuff. (Also now I want to go back and look at MI2:SE again.)
  7. Like, lying on one side with your legs doing a running thing that makes you spin in a circle like one of the Three Stooges? Excellent. I'm not very good at it.
  8. The way the rim lighting works is crushing my face. So simple but so good. Man. I had no idea the lighting for the trailer was all in engine, and I'm sort of spinning around on the floor now.
  9. This was a great episode! Seeing the rigged lumberjack dude move around was a surprise -- he's way more expressive than I was expecting! -- but the sequence at Peter Chan's house was pretty much a dorky dream come true, after knowing his work for most of my life but never actually seeing or hearing anything about him as a person.
  10. What's this got to do with Psychonauts general discussion? PS: awesome
  11. New site is awesome! Can't wait to see the 'minigames' section.
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