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  1. yeah, pretty much the same thing that a lot of people are saying. I'm gonna play Act I as soon as i can, and then play the whole game together when Act II comes out. I know that if I tried to wait I'd just end up caving anyway, so i'm going to save myself the disappointment in myself and just admit that I have no patience. To me, spliting the game into two is a damn sight better than having to wait longer for any of the game. And leagues better than the game getting cut down. Double fine, do ya thang.
  2. for some reason i like the boys name better when i thought it was "Che" instead of "Shay", but it's still pretty cool. I think my only problem with it is that my brain keeps making me think of Tyrion's lady-friend, Shae. But i'll get over it.
  3. with space boy, i think his hair should be buzzed every mourning at the beginning. So when he ventures from his daily routine in the game, his hair gets shaggier to show a progression of time. Really thick and ill managed because he's never had to deal with long hair before. Just a thought.
  4. I...can't...stop....watching.....this! the lip sync is godly.
  5. Always makes me think of double fine's beloved mascot, the one-and-only 2HB.
  6. aaaaugh!! My nipples, they hurt! They hurt when i twist them!
  7. whatever happened to dog poop turning white? you hardly ever see that anymore. i didn't think those kind of things could change.
  8. you strike me instantly as a man of the classics. tell me, are you into "Yes" or "King Crimson"? As one pink floyd fanatic to another, i think they'd go right up your ally.
  9. me and my friend have been spending the last couple weekends speeding through all our favorite old N64 games. we started with super mario 64 which took me months to complete fully when i was young and we did in one freaking night now. and we just beat both banjo-kazooie's sigh, they just don't make 'em like they used to.
  10. i imagine every single vegetable you've ever eaten you've grown yourself as well? i'm not saying NO body would grow their own, but as long as a single person buys weed legaly it's still doing more good than it would've wasting away in an evidence locker. also we wouldn't be wasting the billions of dollars we spend to combat weed. if you don't like weed, don't smoke it. but there's no reason it shouldn't be legal.
  11. thats so completely true. thats why when prohibition was repealed everyone kept brewing their own liquor and kept going to speakeasys and buying off boot-leggers , right? growing is expensive painstaking and dangerous, if you get caught you go to jail for a very long time 99% of marijuana users do not grow their own weed. especially not in California. and of course they'd buy it from stores. NOBODY likes dealing with drug dealers. selling it in stores wouldn't just help the economy, it'd take money out of the pockets of criminals. even if you don't use the drug (which is no where near as harmful as alcohol is to the body), legalizing is a smart move on countless fronts.
  12. just thought i'd say here that they just put a new one up on the escapist http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/extra-credits/2414-Facing-Controversy its really good
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