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  1. That's because a whole game could easily be dedicated to Boyd's amazing stubble.
  2. Technically it is the Sierra Entertainment label portion of Vivendi Games. Tim says that it is a good fit, so that is enough for me. :coolsmile: Vivendi/Sierra Entertainment made Crash Tag Team Racing IIRC, and that was amazing. Therefore I am full of anticipation and high hopes. *squee*
  3. I would prefer Psychonauts-based Christmas songs, like The Milkman Burned Down Santa's Workshop, Bobby's Getting Coal In His Stocking or Censor Claus Says "No No Noooo!". Or maybe The Cruller's Christmas Where all Ford's personalities have different opinions on Christmas (Agent!Cruller likes it but wishes it didn't always turn out to be just another day of saving the world all the time, Janitor!Cruller uses it as an opportunity to get a bit too drunk on eggnog, Admiral!Cruller would like it more if someone didn't always get too drunk in eggnog and throw up in his canoes, Chef!Cruller is a grinchy old git because he always ends up spending his entire christmas cooking all the food, and Ranger!Cruller simply says something along the lines of "No, ya can't cut down a Christmas tree here! This area of the forest is off limits - NOW GIT!") Seriously, how awesome would that be? ALSO, SUGGEST MOAR SONG TITLES BECAUSE THEY ARE SURE TO BE AWESOME.
  4. They're not available now, but they have been known to come up as a special offer once every blue moon in the store.
  5. When you're in the upper levels, take a look at the sky - the clouds are full of angry/tortured-looking faces around the asylum. It certainly adds to the "IEEEEH, CREEPYYYY! D:" feel of that area.
  6. Showing everyone the button. Also, the Bobby/Chloe scene and the "I WISH I WERE A MAN" posters in Oleander's mind right at the start. ...That and I sat and took notes while listening to Boyd. >_>
  7. Judging by the mustash, it was clearly Oleander. As for why he's so tall, I'm thinking either levitation or stilts. As for what there could have been, MULTIPLAYER LEVITATION RACE MINIGAME. You would get to play as Raz, Bobby, Crystal or Clem, and maybe have several different tracks. I mean, they already had Time Attack mode, why not multiplayer mode? Going into Loboto's or Crispin's mind would have been utter condensed awesome, too. Either that or Ford's.
  8. I approve of this idea. What would we call it, though? It needs an awesome name. Psychopedia? The Collective Unconcious?
  9. In Soviet Asylum, turtle eats YOU! I love this.
  10. Showing Bobby the button is what made me like him so damn much. :B That kid's got issues. Also, clairvoyance EVERYONE. Jasper sees Raz as one and a half stars, Sasha sees him as a mini version of himself, Bobby sees a punching bag, Vernon sees a giant ear, and Mikhail is the ONLY one in the game who sees Raz as Raz. If you return to Boyd's house at certain parts in Boyd's mind, he offers some delightfully cryptic but still somewhat useful advice. And show him all the items. "STOP... being crazy and tell me where the Milkman is!" I think the Den Mom says things when you show her items as well, but it's harder to hear when she's TRYING TO KILL YOU D: ...I can't think of anything else unless we're counting the deleted lines you can find with Psychonauts Explorer.
  11. Half the people I would want to hang with (Bobby and Boyd) would either hate me, be very afraid of me or try to set me on fire. Actually, Bobby would probably do all three. As for the other half, Vernon. He might be monotone, but if you listen hard he turns out to be... surprisingly hardcore. ("and then I fell down an open manhole and had to reset my own arm back in the socket...") Also, Sasha. Even though I'd probably annoy the pants off him. Oh, and Dogen. So long as he promises not to 'splode my head.
  12. I'd take that -OR- make a belt that had his text on it with his head as the belt buckle. Lol. YES YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES TO BOTH IDEAS. XDDDD Egads, the possibilities for that idea are endless. Vernon bedspreads, Vernon lunchboxes, Vernon underwear... ...Okay, so maybe not underwear. but you get the idea.
  13. The DF Blog entry "I WANT YOU TWO KIDS TO GET MARRIED!" mentioned they're possibly working on this or can't make them yet in an alt text thing on a photo of some cosplayer's handmade badges: (I can't tell if what I just wrote, outside of what I quoted, is really coherent or not; it's twenty past four AM over here and I'm kinda in a state of BLAAAAH. Sorry if the above is incomprehensible. D:)
  14. G-Man shirts? HOLLY APPROVES OF THIS NOTION. *thumbsup* How about a Jasper shirt with some SCATHING CRITIQUE on it? Or a Sasha shirt. He could be going "So... tacky! I can't... look... directly... at it!" Another idea? Ranger!Cruller. "This shirt is off limits! Now GIT!" Also, a chalkboard-green Boyd shirt where he's scribbling chalk conspiracies all over the front of it. possibly with "BEWARE THE COWS!" on the back of it. ...And a Bobby shirt. Yes, I am just saying that because I am obsessed.
  15. Orthopox or something similar, I think. Well, it's better to get such things over and done with.
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