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  1. well i saw one on here, questioning the idea of heavy metal for a game, and ive seen it in other places aswell. but very thinnly. im excited aswell, i just dont like the idea of a very creative piece being knocked before it has presented itself properly, nor the fact that some one said, and i quote "The thing with heavy metal is that it’s just dumb and stupid" i mean that is in a way demeaning the whole basis of the game. thats whats giving this masterpiece its intensity and power. all im saying is ppl shouldnt deface an idea just cuz their tastes dont suit. and i wouldnt say a game was stupid just cuz it has a 'techno soundtrack' or something its about the game and is creative and entertaining values. which anyone is yet to see in depth. lol woo cant wait for this game.
  2. ok so i came on here to try to find out any new exciting news and i keep coming across ppl slaying tim's ideas for a heavy metal game i mean music is a sensitive issue, but saying that the ideas dumb and heavy metal is a lifeless source for an idea is stupid, when you havent even played the game yet. Hes using a personal point of interest and its not like u could do it on another genre of music and still have the amount of ideas and with power and creativity behind, and thats my opinion,. eg.? rap,country,pop, techno? ugh. lol and yes i am a metal fan.
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