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  1. The only game I've played in the past month is the brilliant Blues for Mittavinda. I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just tell you to play it. It's worth the twenty minutes it takes.
  2. I'll join the pity bandwagon. Up until my sophomore year of high school I had great grades, great friends, and great aspirations. Everything seemed to suggest that I'd get into a reputable school and do something notable. Then something happened. I have always had problems with anxiety, but at that point it started to get overwhelming. Instead of driving me to doing good work, it started to stop me from doing anything I couldn't do perfectly. In other words, anything. I watched my grades drop, my friends drift away from me, and my aspirations fade away. Now I'm a student who gets C's and D's, spends too much time worrying about how I'm letting people down to fix myself, and has the delight of knowing that I only have a year left before I learn just how big of a piece of shit I am. My opinion on myself is best summed up with the Wingnut Dishwasher's Union lyric, "When I was growing up I was the smartest kid I knew. Maybe that was just because, I didn't know that many kids. All I know is now I feel the opposite." I think that you guys can overcome it. It takes work, but that's what therapists and such are there to help you with. Good luck.
  3. Just a video of Dave Brubeck being awesome. He really was a great man.
  4. Sorry, I didn't mean no friends. I just meant no friends in real life. Internet friends are every bit as real as real life friends, but you also need to have people with whom you're able to have conversation in person every once in a while. There is so much that you cannot get out of anything but in person conversation. And on a lighter note:
  5. If you look at the previous page you'll notice that they're talking about theoretical people the way that my friend has an anxiety disorder. I just think that telling yourself you don't need friends in real life is feeding yourself lies that will just hurt you more in the end. I'm not afraid of people who don't know what my face looks knowing information that I don't keep private in my everyday life, so I thought I'd use myself as an example of somebody who's been "happy" without friends in the past. Let's just say that there's a difference between being truly happy and telling yourself you're happy. Listen to hot. He might be a little blunt, but he's been reasonable and honest. Edit: And on a lighter note:
  6. As somebody who just managed to convince myself that I have a problem and decided to go to a therapist to get it sorted out, this argument is bizarre to me. This sounds like the nonsense I spouted when my friends, my family, and even my doctor told me that I need to get help. I won't pretend to know your specific problems, but it might be good to look into getting help in some form. Just telling somebody who cares about you (your friends and family care, even if you think they don't) how you feel inside won't hurt you, trust me. Good luck to everybody here, I hope you can find happiness in whatever form you desire. Edit: And on a lighter note:
  7. If you want to stream it, I've heard Putlocker is terrible for that kind of thing. I doubt you could easily find the movie by Googling "site:putlocker.com The Little Mermaid" or searching for it on 1channel.ch. Nope, you could never find the movie that way.
  8. If only for Christmas we could learn that Dan Harmon is to be brought back as showrunner for a fifth season where Pierce finally learns how to be accepted by the study group both in and out of the show. One can dream...
  9. I loooove this sort of thing. A huge portion of my music library is really down-tempo stuff, including some pianists. I raise you one Yiruma =] I listen to a lot of music, but just about anybody whose work could be described as "nice" is in a blindspot of mine. Every time I come across quiet or beautiful music, I love the contrast that it gives to my normal routine of bluegrass, prog, metal, and jazz. This kind of nice piano stuff is great for escaping from loud, energetic guitar solos every once in a while. And to bridge the way between this and music I listen to more frequently, here's one of my favorite Frank Zappa solos.
  10. was that a subtle implication that eartha kitt wasn't the classiest motherfucker alive because i don't wanna have to break anyone's neck in my christmas thread Not at all. If anyone is gonna sing that song it best be Eartha Kitt. DeNhjPaP53I This song reminds me of the time I banged Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom.
  11. I don't remember where I found this guy, but I really have grown to love Nils Frahm.
  12. I've mostly just settled down and spent less time on the internet. I've been busy as hell and I've tried to use my free time productively rather than the way I used to do things (read spending hours upon hours on 4chan, reddit, and here). I was reading about the Amnesia Fortnight and decided to stop by and see if things had changed here. I'm surprised that it's mostly what I remember. It seems like a few of the regulars from my time are missing, but I'm really comforted by the fact that most of you guys are all still here. I remember this being a great community and I'm thinking about sticking around for a while. (Maybe under a new name to remove myself from the horrible, angsty wreck I was when I was younger.) And because my previous submission was something that probably only would make a very specific niche happy, here's a site that plays cartoons from when most of us were kids. It's possibly the greatest thing ever. http://hbreboot.com/
  13. You watch one video and it's funny in a depressing way. Then you watch another and you get numb to the pain. Then you watch a third, you grow to genuinely like the guy, and you find that you're laughing with him, not at him. He is a psychopath in the greatest possible way. His videos are an insanely fun mixture between Bill Nye if he were a psychopath, cooking videos if they didn't contain actual recipes, and that crazy guy ranting on the side of the road.
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