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  1. Is this the year for a Psychonauts 2 announcement?

    Same here, then the realization kicked in that it's gonna be a couple years or more. I do hope there's some kind of Psychonauts game announcement tonight. I'd love a sequel but would settle for an HD remaster for the PS4. If neither are announced tonight, I would say it's highly unlikely they ever will be.
  2. Costume Quest 2 (Personal) Review

    In reply to your suggestions: 1) Totally agree. I did miss this part of it, though I wouldn't call Auburn Pines rural. More of a suburb. 2) I agree, but they did implement this a bit with characters like the Mole and Snail which weren't part of the story in any way and had higher HP and attack levels than other characters in that area. 3) I agree with this too. 4) There is a mission that requires specific costumes to get to the final costume, maybe you just didn't find it yet. And there is an achievement for wearing Candy Corn throughout all the battles in the game. 5) 4 of the costumes from the first game were available as a pre-order bonus for the PC version, though I also would've loved to have seen them in the PS4 version. 6) That's a neat idea.
  3. The only thing I can think of is that all of the people in the picture are from the original Double Fine crew and have all worked on Psychonauts. So let's say: we're looking at the team that will start on Psychonauts 2 after Broken Age and Massive Chalice have been released and who are watching the pitch video by 2PP for a new Kickstarter (in which Kee Chi gets the blame for designing meat circus ;-)). Not to stir the pot (okay, definitely to do that) but if you notice the color theme of the doublefine poster in the back as well as the stripe theme, and then refamiliarize yourself with the logo of this forum/the original doublefine logo for Psychonauts: http://www.gamemusicfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/DoubleFineLogo.jpg I'd say it's looking like a great possibility with all the other clues posted here.
  4. I want more Costume Quest

    I loved this game and really hope for a sequel as well. More Costume Quest!