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  1. From CraigsList Madison: Guitarist of megalomaniacal speed seeks audience who won't combust - http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/mad/740837104.html
  2. Hmmm, not much to say about me really... Basic model of girl-geek (comics, games, computers). Somehow I missed Psychonauts when it came out, but I've been playing it on xbox now (I'm currently climbing up the asylum...).
  3. I just emailed this Valentine's Day image to my boyfriend - he suggested I share it with Tim. (and yes, I chat like a 14 year-old girl with my boyfriend while at work...)
  4. I got it as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. Haven't had a chance to frame it yet (have to get a custom frame due to the non-standard image size), but soon it will be framed and displayed for all to see.
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