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  1. Rocktober 13, Eighth Anniversary

    Just updated the thread for the 8th anniversary upcoming within the month. Like last year, the community will be taking part of the Brutal weekend of Rocktober 13 to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Brutal Legend's original release. Battle for the metal gods throughout the Brutal Weekend starting on Rocktober 13 to the 15th. For more details, check out the Brutal Legend Community Group Facebook group to find out more. No point in making another thread when this thread never even left the first page over the last year, so I just updated this one for the 8th anniversary.
  2. Songs for BL2 Soundtrack

    The one song I can think of is Manowar's "Defender". While this song would make more sense for the first game, it's always possible for the story have something related to Eddie and his dad Riggnarok:
  3. Songs for BL2 Soundtrack

    The title pretty much says it all, post songs that you think that can be potential songs for a potential BL2 one day. Songs that would make sense for BL2's story and Soundtrack of licensed songs. While we wouldn't know what BL2's story would be like but you can always make a guess and think of a song that will make sense for the BL universe and plus it's always good to pass ideas to Tim Schafer himself
  4. Rocktober 13, Eighth Anniversary

    Hi everyone, as I'm sure most of you know Rocktober 13 is amongst us leading up to the seventh anniversary of Brutal Legend since it's original release back in 2009. The Brutal Legend community is planning to celebrate it's anniversary with multiplayer stage battles from Rocktober 13 to 16 throughout all versions of the game going from Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. If anyone here is interested in celebrating with us, your more then welcome to join us in many stage battles over the Rocktober weekend. If want to message us and get to know more info about our event go to the Brutal Legend community group page on Facebook for more details. https://www.facebook.com/groups/104135939963997/ Edit: This is now for the 8th anniversary of Brutal Legend's release back in 2009. But most of the above still applies.
  5. I truly miss this game.

    @Shadowninja79 I could play against you. What platform are you on?
  6. Brutal Legend Community Group

    While that was suppose to be joke, mostly because a friend of mine joked about what if Gene Simmons from Kiss was in place as the kill master instead of Lemmy, I actually don't have an idea for a mod other then a Folk/Viking metal faction featuring music from Eluvietie, Wintersun, Falkenbach, and Equillibrium since you mentioned about the factions. I would believe the Brutal Legend Community group on Facebook could come up with great ideas for mods. I'm also going to suggest you post your mod discussion on the group and on Steam as well, that way you can get more interest and build more ideas of mods over time.
  7. Brutal Legend Community Group

    Could making a Gene Simmons mod be possible? But in all serious your more then welcome to discuss mods and ideas on the group. It's not like were limited to single player and multiplayer videos and get togethers.
  8. PS4 Controller on PC

    I just wanted to put this out there that I got the game for PC and the only option I have for a controller is a PS4 controller. While the controller functions however, the button layout is a mess and is all over the place. I tried configuring them to get them close to what the button layout was on the Xbox 360/PS3 but I still have difficulty getting the controls right. Someone on Steam asked this having the same problem as I am but no one responded there, so I thought I asked here. This is what he said: "so decided to use DualShock4 + DS4Windows. It works perfect for most my games, including Dark souls series, Broforce or Rocket League, but in Brutal Legend, I've encountered very weird problem - controls were completely messed. Left and right triggers were working as start and select, A is working as block, etc. It is completely unplayable (not to mention right stick is simply ignored, and I can't move camera)." Is this a glitch of some sort? Update: I figured out what was wrong and am officially using it.
  9. I truly miss this game.

    While I am on vacation at this moment, however, you can send me a friend request for the time being and I will get back to you as soon as I get home, which will be two weeks from now.
  10. Do you have all the DLC for the game? If so, you need to beat the campaign first before getting access to the Oculus of the Lost. In case you don't have all the DLC, the Oculus of the Lost is apart of the Tears of Hexadon pack.
  11. Brutal Legend Community Group

    I thought I made a discussion for this since I did this a few months ago. Brutal Legend players, whether it's Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, if your looking for a place where people still care about Brutal Legend and tend to keep it alive by posting and discussing their ideas, or scheduling for online gaming and also happen to have a Facebook account, such a place exists! The purpose of this group is to get the Brutal community to join up in multiplayer battles, regardless of what version of Brutal Legend you have. Share ideas whether it's songs, story and so forth. Share YouTube/Twitch video's you have if any whether its single and/or multiplayer. Welcome fellow metal warrior to the battlefield. \m/ To find this group you can go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/104135939963997/
  12. I truly miss this game.

    @Rain Woman If you'd like to know, I'm also an Xbox 360 as well. My Gamer tag is XShadowOfMetalX if you like to face me. I'm one of the longest Xbox 360 players that stills plays.
  13. From what I noticed the PS3 versions has things like audio glitches, off synch audio and so forth. To be fair while it certainly isn't better than the 360 version, the PS3's audio doesn't sound like trash to me. But are things like audio glitches and so forth enough for me to say "f**k the PS3 version"? Not really.
  14. I can't speak about the PC version since I'm not a PC gamer, however, I can talk about the console versions. As far as the Xbox 360 version goes I never had sound problems with the 360 version being as Brutal Legend was made with the 360 in mind and was designed around it's architecture when Brutal Legend was originally released in 2009. The problem with the PS3 version that it was ported on very difficult to program for architecture. While the PS3 is a more powerful console then the 360, the 360 was a much more easier console to work with as far as architecture, but because Sony decided to use the Cell on the PS3, PS3 version of games can have problems such as sound as the OP has mentioned. I have PS3 version as well while it runs just fine, even with a sound problem, it doesn't run as well as the 360 version.
  15. Brutal Legend on Xbox One

    While I would love a port (Definitive Edition) of the game, I just can't see that happening considering the PC version came out only 2 years ago and it would still cost money for Double Fine to port it over to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also to mention the PC version was a port as I recall. From what I remember reading, Microsoft does need permission from the developers in order to have the games on the Xbox One, so I personally think backwards compatibility is a much higher chance of seeing rather than a port. Also the fact that Psychonauts was on the backwards compatibility list for Original Xbox games to be played on the Xbox 360 so I thought it is much more possible to see Brutal Legend being played on the Xbox One.