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  1. This game is more dead on PC than it is on Xbox! Please people get on!
  2. So I was in at a fair that my neighboring town has each year and I was having a great time. Well needless to say I had the biggest smile on my face when I found this golden nugget in the window of a tattoo shop. I saw it and my jaw dropped. I literally said to myself,"I'm not leaving here without it." So I went in to the shop and made a deal with the store owner and got it for 20$!!!! Walking through the crowd of people then at the fair carrying this Brütal Legend standee with Eddie on the front made me the happiest person alive.
  3. Guys the faction 'C' that Tim was talking about was the Tainted Coil. They were supposed to have their own part on the single player map. He said that right in the interview....
  4. You didnt exist when the game first started so shut it! And yes, I [del]stole [/del]borrowed the name Drowned Legend from the penny arcade forum when I read that big ass tutorial that Kor and Cantido made, and used it as my gamertag on Xbox. Hope you don't mind me using it haha I'm not trying to be a dick I just thought it was funny haha.
  5. Well I'd love to play with people again...but nobody ever gets on!!! >
  6. Nobody really plays as much as we all used to anymore...
  7. Its Rocktober 13th an ironically NOBODY is playing Brütal Legend It's sad too because everyone in the community is busy when Tim isn't busy and can finally get on, that REALLY sucks. I can't even get on because Im busy for the night I wish Tim could reschedule this awesome playdate...
  8. Tainted Coil tips: Against Drowning Doom - Spam punishing parties Against Ironheade - usually a painlifter that's protected is all you need... (I hate Tainted Coil lol)
  9. I actually think I won't even be able to play that day But it's for a good reason so I'm not too upset about it.
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