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  1. Psst...he also drew a webcomic, way back when in the dark days before Photoshop, called Yahtzee Takes On The World. It has since ended, but the archives are entertaining.
  2. I would guess random people writing, which suggests an idea: we could have a journal-themed thread in the Off-topic section where people could post their own versions of Psychonauts characters' journals! We'd probably be more accurate than the LJers, by the sound of it.
  3. We are at war with Europa! We have always been at war with Europa!
  4. Sorry, sorry, I forgot my power cord for my computer at home when I was moving in to college and just got it back today (yay!), so I was internet-less for days. I almost died from the withdrawl (both from internet in general, and this tasty tasty forum). Should I pick a winner? If so, Dr_Worm, it's your turn!
  5. I'm not sure that his games appeal to women in particular, but they don't have a lot of the more 'masculine' attributes (like sacrificing cleverness and great dialogue and story for more variations on the theme of shooting things) that a lot of other current games have, so they may draw in a broader base. I was wondering also if a greater percentage of women play adventure games than platformers, and if Tim's adventure roots may have attracted female fans (like myself), but it seems like most people found it through other means entirely...
  6. While it's true that the forum reads like a bunch of ADD children gone wild, it's not quite the same as trolling--trolling is when people post inflammatory statements for the pleasure of starting arguments. Spamming, maybe, is a more accurate term for what we have now, and general off-topic-ness. The thing is, Double Fine hasn't posted any guidelines for what should be posted. Without moderation to say how on-topic you should be, it's anyone's guess what the busy people of Double Fine want us to post, and how off-topic is too off-topic.
  7. NO! I'll be cowering under my bed. Now, who wants pancakes?
  8. You forgot Cowboy Bebop. For some reason, I never saw more than a few episodes of Cowboy Bebop, and those were disjointed enough to be incomprehensible. I did forget Big O and Harvey Birdman, though. ...actually, I can't think of a single series on Adult Swim that I actually managed to see all the episodes of. Huh.
  9. And that sentence turned out dirtier than most song lyrics...in my pants.
  10. And after all, the topic just says 'The "In My Pants" Game!' not 'The "In My Pants" Song Titles Game!'...in my pants.
  11. I suppose if you had an infinite number of monkeys (type-trained, of course) at an infinite number of typewriters writing an infinite number of songs, eventually, these very songs would be written, so everything we say is a potential song...in my pants.
  12. Also, I vote for a shirt that says, "I Survived the Meat Circus...Eventually." or something similar.
  13. Oh there's a monkey in my pocket and he's stealing all my change! His stare is blank and glassy; I suspect that he's deranged.
  14. Maybe a shirt with the G-Men, a few of their sayings, and little thought bubbles over their heads showing the image they're seen as while holding their props! If all that will fit on a single shirt, that is. That'd probably work, if it would all fit on a shirt. Any shirt with a G-Man on it is instant win. If we want to make an obscene number of shirts (and we do! Doublefine may not agree, of course, but we do) we could make a shirt for each G-Man, with their picture, prop, and mental image on the front, and all of their sayings on the back.
  15. Maybe a shirt with the G-Men, a few of their sayings, and little thought bubbles over their heads showing the image they're seen as while holding their props! If all that will fit on a single shirt, that is.
  16. I used to watch a lot of Adult Swim summer nights in high school, when I had time and didn't need to get up early, but my parents canceled their cable, so I didn't watch much of anything this last summer. When I was watching, I liked Inuyasha (but have since realized the series is going in an infinite loop of Naraku chasing, with no end, and no new plot points/character development, either; I still like the early episodes, though), Witch Hunter Robin, Full Metal Alchemist, Venture Brothers, and Futurama. I also like The Simpsons and hate Family Guy.
  17. I like both the ones with the Robot Devil (I must be a sucker for musical numbers) and the last episode, where he switches hands with Fry, is my favorite. I also like a bunch of the ones Twil mentioned (the worms, Mother's Day, Roswell), and agree that it's too hard to choose beyond that. I think the second season is my favorite--it doesn't have my favorite episode, but it has the most episodes I love and the least episodes I didn't like that much (least favorite episode is probably the bees one with the hallucinations, where it's allll a dreeeeeam).
  18. Awwww. And nice job on getting the style of the mental vaults!
  19. I'm also nineteen years old. I live in Pennsylvania but go to college in Massachusetts (I'm leaving tomorrow, actually, and should be packing right now...whoops). It's a liberal arts college, so it's hard to find people who play any kind of games, let alone ones I've also played and enjoyed. My parents and older sister are all Computer Science majors, so I know more about computers than most English majors (although that isn't saying much). I mostly play adventure games, both because I think they have the best stories and writing and because my aim is awful (when I play fighting games with my friends I always, always die first). I like to write and want to make a career out of it someday (HAH), but am aware that I shouldn't quit my day job. I don't have a day job yet, and I'm not sure what jobs my English degree will get me, but when I do have one, I won't quit it! My sister and I are making a computer game that may or may not ever see the light of day--I'm mostly writing it and she's mostly doing everything else. Other than that, I don't have any particular urge to make or design computer games, although writing for one would be fun.
  20. Well, if we're going to be THAT way... "Was it good for you?" and: "Stroking the only pussy he'll ever touch."
  21. ... The only ones I can think of are completely inappropriate.
  22. Well, we could run unofficial contests and decide the winners with a forum-wide poll.
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