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  1. You can email dfshop@doublefine.com or PM LauraDFShop. That should fix things up nicely =)
  2. Have you tried buying it from the online store from a PC? https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/ When I search for Legend Map, I get the to DLC packs. I hope that'll help you. Which country do you live in? Might be something to do with that?
  3. Hey The DLC IS there, but it can be really really really hard to find if you don't know how to (obviously) Either manually search through all the DLC or search the store by typing "Legend M" that will show you the two DLC packs. You cannot search "Brütal" or "Brutal" they will not yield your desired results.
  4. Hey DF, are you still working on patches for the game? Seems a while since the last patch was issued. Hope everything is going great with the game =)
  5. I got my book yesterday. Bigger than I though! It's amazingly awesome. Worth the wait. I ordered it last November.
  6. It's finally being shipped from Amazon.co.uk! Was sent 28th of March =D
  7. I still don't receive reward screens for freeing serpents/dragons =(
  8. Found this while cruising around for demons to kill. Attached screenshot with error and location of the error on the map. Also another minor error I noticed is when having subtitles enabled and you kill enemies with the Disgorger the subtiles will say things like (Hit by axe) and (axeswing).
  9. Amazon (both US and UK) changed their release date to July 9, 2013. A bit worrying. Ordered mine a couple of months ago from Amazon and yesterday they sent me an email saying it was delayed but only by a couple of days. I hope this isn't a sign that it will be delayed even further..
  10. Radial menu feels sticky and off. It's difficult to hit the Fan Tribute. Difficult to move from one song to the one next to it.
  11. I feel all proud now knowing that I completed it on Brütal with Hi-fi sim and keyboard. METAL!
  12. Fletus mentions a whole army of himself! Or something like that. I'm sure that would make an awesome faction. God I'd love that.
  13. In Team Fortress 2, Heavy is the Killmaster. Entire Spider Lair, is full of babies. Not sure how that is relevant
  14. Minor nuisance: When you deliver the thicker strings to the Killmaster, the Killmaster says: "Thick as a baby's arm" but the subtitles say "Thick as baby's arm".
  15. Yeah about the hunter missions. I'm on the 2nd one where you have to kill Raptor Elks but the game doesn't count them, there's no pop up notification.
  16. More bugs: -During scripted vehicle movement the car jags. I enter the map with "E" but have to use "Backspace" to exit again. To zoom in and out I have to use "R" and "F" eventhough it tells me to use the mouse wheel. Sensitivity is still too high when navigating the map with WASD.
  17. Yeah you're not the only one experiencing this. Bit annoying really.
  18. I'm having problems with the map as well. At first I thought I also couldn't move the map cursor, but then it turns out that the wsad keys move the map cursor, and RF zoom in and out. But the sensitivity is so crazy high that it's impossible to move the cursor where I want it to go, I always overshoot it even when lightly tapping a button. Can you check to see if it's the same for you? My work around is to use my game pad for the map screen, but since other things about my crappy gamepad don't work I go back to the keyboard and mouse for the gameplay. Sensitivity is really high for me as well when I move with WASD. Zooming in and out is on R and F just like you said which is really odd. This bug will hopefully be solved soon.
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