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  1. I have discovered a band called "The Absence" and for the past 3 or so months they have continually blown my mind. Riders of the Plague = melodeath's equivalent to Grim Fandango.
  2. I will cry if nu-metal or metalcore gets into my Brutal Legend. Cry. Give me your death, give me your folk, give me your prog, give me your heavy, give me your doom, give me your thrash, but keep the subgenres that aren't actually metal but rather other genres of music slightly to heavily inspired by metal away. Please. Please.
  3. "Ok, so, there's a roadie." Wait for nod of understanding. "And he's sent back in time to the MYTHICAL AGE OF METAL!" Wait a second, see the lights flicker in their eyes. This usually does it for most, but if needed I can press for more, like "there's a motorcycle riding bassist on the top of a mystical mountain" or the everpresent face-melting guitar solos or such.
  4. If the Double Fine Store follows this person's advice, they'll get some (more) of my moneys.
  5. TSED

    Psychonauts Trivia

    6. You can become invisible in the milkman's mind, but the agents can see you anyways. If that's what you're talking about, some one else mentioned it earlier. If it's not, oops. You can't turn invisible in minds before you get it unless you go back. I doubt that's what you wanted. I know I turned invisible in Waterloo more than once. You actually need to turn invisible to fool a gate in there.
  6. I hit 10, because of the following logic: The scale says "1 to 10". If I chose 11, I have not actually chosen to be part of the survey. In short, it's a wasted vote, thus invalidating my opinion.
  7. I saw one thread here going 'omg metal is teh dumbzor' but no one agreed with him. So I wouldn't worry too much. I get the feeling most gamers are into metal, though, so it'll probably sell better than Psychonauts did. Hurray!
  8. You make a point that is as true as Schafer is awesome. I would suggest we all start a hippy commune next to Double Fine, but then we'd have no computers and that means no enjoyment of Double Fine's most excellent game(s, when the time comes).
  9. Dear Tim Schafer, Why are you so awesome? Seriously, man, you sucked up like 75% of the Earth's supply of awesome. Some of us could have used that, you know! Ever since playing The Excellent Game Psychonauts, colours have been brighter, music has been better, the world has seemed less doomed, and I have developed self-diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome (I see this as punishment for not playing The Excellent Game Psychonauts until January 2008, and no, it's not because of Psychonauts). Miraculously, I have started losing weight. I wasn't overweight or anything, but I have noticed I have shed about 10 pounds of fat without significantly changing my diet or exercise regimes since I got Psychonauts. In fact, I'm eating *more* fatty demon-food since then! Please pour your innermost soul into Brutal Legend so that when I die, my epitaph can read "At least I played The Most Excellent Game Brutal Legend, so mourn instead for the others who have not". Tim Schafer's brilliance induces safe weight loss, happiness, and I am going to end this letter now before I get into the realms of 'creepy'. (If you think I already crossed that line, the epitaph thing was a joke. If you don't think that, disregard the last thing I said). Admiringly, A fan.
  10. 1) A guitarist or bassist (possibly a boss battle?) whose metal hair (ie: long stuff for headbanging) is tied to the strings of his guitar / bass. He headbangs and THAT makes the sound, as his hands work the frets (or possibly that mountain motorcycle bassist, one for steering, one for frets, head bangs makes sound?) 2) Get some unknown metal in there. Every one knows ACDC or Black Sabbath or Cannibal Corpse or whatever. Let's get some unknown metal bands like Machinae Supremacy or Wintersun or Arch Enemy (ok bad examples, those are all pretty to mediocrely famous, but I don't really know any *underground* metal bands). Maybe get some new songs composed just for BL, but now I'm being ambitious and blowing your budget on sound, I bet. 3) One of the emos needs to be a boss where his 'weak spot' is his wrist. Cut his wrist, he screams something like "hey that's what *I* am supposed to do!" and then breaks down crying, opening him up for brutalization. 4) Mindless pop zombies? I'm more of the opinion that non-metal shouldn't get in, but hey, I can dig a dig vs pop.
  11. Death metal as in growling? Arch Enemy (it's a chick, but she growls, so it's awesome), At The Gates (is pretty famous but I don't like his voice personally), maybe Amon Amarth or Finntroll (Finntroll isn't in English, but it's very growly and folky. Amon Amarth has most of its stuff in English but the occasional swedish song does exist, BUT I don't like most of their stuff). Or Cradle of Filth, who does an amazing death metal cover of Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name" which is what got me into death metal in the first place.
  12. In descending order of favouritism: Machinae Supremacy Arch Enemy Wintersun Iron Maiden Cradle of Filth (their rating is artificially inflated because of how much I love their cover of "Hallowed Be Thy Name") Otep Lordi (it's more rock, but meh) Black Sabbath Finntroll Norther I do like the occasional song from Pantera, Jack Off Jill, In Flames, etc. But it's not the predominant thing. And I can't STAND Metallica and I hope they all die in a fire because of what they did to Napster.
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