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  1. I agree with these two and I'm glad Jumping Flash has not been forgotten. P.s. its on the PSN network.
  2. As long as we're talking about everyone's favorite topic, and the favorites therein, mighten one or a few of you Double Finers comment on what it is that you think is great about the games you chose. For example: Jumping Flash. Its incredibly hard to play, yet it also a one of a kind experience, and there's something strangely appealing about both the simple polygon work, (I am a fan of polygons, ever since geometry) and the amazing power-ups. Some games are about story, others are about experience. Me personally, I believe that excellent games use environments very well, like the first time you look up in halo and see how the ring arches over the sky above you, and then get sniped from half a halo away. Or riding your horse through the peaceful and beautiful lands of Colossus. Or exploring many roomed castle of Dracula. Or just jumping around a colorful world as a robabbit (Jumping Flash). What video games can do, that no other medium can, is allow the user to explore two or three dimensional space. Putting thought into the look and feel and rules of that space sculpt it into an environment, and hopefully an interesting one. That's what makes excellent games. What do y'all think? -E
  3. I want to say thanks for Costume Quest. My wife has never, ever, played anything beyond tetris and mario brothers and she is sitting next to me right now saying, "Oh yes, I can still Anthem. Come on, etc... Cursing etc..." Obviously the statue of liberty is her favorite costume. Anyway, I shed a silent sweet tear when she said to me earlier tonight, "I wanna play costume quest." She's still learning the buttons on the PS controller, her video game literacy is very low, however she's having a blast getting those offense and defense timing reactions. (I got her into the whole thing by showing her bobbing for apples, I knew that would get her...but don't tell her, OK?) So, it's amazing that she's playing a real video game and loving it. She just got a new friend, "Oh look, we got a new friend" in the tunnel in the mall after the arcade. She had a heck of a time beating that mean ol' boss, but she stuck with it and I'm so proud. Thanks to you all at double fine, I love her even more now. You're keeping relationships strong, you should be proud of yourselves, I know I am. Seriously, thanks. -E
  4. I'm glad Lee Petty mentioned Battle Arena Toshinden. Those early polygon models were super sweet, as was that square waterfall in the background of the floating stage, (you know, in the canyon) As for my all important and well respected list, wanna hear it, here it goes: X-com Shadow of Collosi Tetris Castlevania, SotN Zelda, SNES... By the way, why does everyone always throw out Ocarina. It was weak all around compared to the Snes Zelda. How does Ocarina open: a boring training slosh through a poorly planed town followed by a quest through a tree. Compare that to the beginning of Link to the past (not to mention the fantastic pun), It opens with a rainstorm and a warning not to go outside, which of course you do, and then find a secret entrance to the castle, find your uncle, Dying (intense stuff). His last breath is betrothing you the sword. Then you fight you way through the castle, with wicked glorious music, and, in the opening of the game, rescue the princess and bring her to the sanctity of the chapel, where you think she might be safe...for now. I am positive that Link to the past's beginning shocks the socks off of some lame discussion with a tree that belongs in Epcot, the lamest of the kingdoms. Glory Be! I've worked myself into such a tizzy that I refuse to continue my amazing list until someone acknowledges Snes Zelda, AND its lack of deserved respect. -E
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